The Bible – Exodus 20 – 15

The Bible – Exodus 20 – 15

On the first day of the third month after the Israelites left Egypt—on that very day—they came to the Desert of Sinai. After they set out from Rephidim, they entered the Desert of Sinai, and Israel camped there in the desert in front of the mountain. The Lord told Moses to tell the people to consecrate themselves as he would appear to Mount Sanhai on the third day. The Lord told Moses that no one could step on the mountain, or they will be stoned or shot with arrows. The Lord arrives, and he sends Moses the ten commandments.

“You shall not murder.” – Exodus 20-13, The Bible

I picked this quote because I think it is a quintessential and fundamental rule that is the foundation of society. I think that this rule should be followed but consists of being a problem in this world. I believe that murder, no matter the circumstance is unacceptable. It is not up to any individual to decide who dies and who lives. This type of behaviour always results in chaos. I wanted to bring some attention to this problem because clearly, people have different opinions on murder. I believe that people should be educated upon the severity of murder and the impact it has on others.




PW: Please Keep Your Belongings Safe

She drank carefully from her bottle.

By secret glances over the dancing crowd, she saw the young man holding his skateboard. With a skateboard like that, one would naturally receive the spotlight of the stage.
Soon there was nothing left in her cup. She dodged through sweaty bodies and approached the young man with a light tap on his shoulder.

His shoulders were full of tension. He was prepared with whatever lays ahead of him. He pulled on a smile while he improvised his lines for situations like this. His friends were teasing him as they tossed well-rehearsed phrases towards each other. He was feeling proud and excited. He was ready to pull on a full night’s play.

Listening to their monotonous conversation, she was standing next to his prop of a skateboard. How very attractive it was! She felt her mouth began to water and her heart was pounding.

The young man, who was finally ready to continue the script, found himself confused .

She stole his skateboard and ran.


PW- technology

The average American spends 4 to 6 hours on a device every day. Technology has become essential in our everyday lives, so much so that we humans depend on it. Technology has improved the ease of our everyday world, but it has started to destroy our communication abilities and human interaction skills.
We use technology for entertainment, educational and work purposes. Technology has completely revolutionised education and job fields. Technology is so involved in our everyday lives that smartphones and tablets are usually in hand. Technology enables people to talk to friends with texting and social media; it also causes them to make this decision over talking to them in person. Technology deteriorates our human sense of continuity. Since technology has created a more straightforward and more officiant form of Communication, our desire to talk in person has dissipated. Often a group of teens can all been found in a circle all on their phones. With the use of drones, smartphones and computers, people can communicate and see the world around them. The internet and social media allow us to use technology to learn and connect. All this with the touch of a few buttons. Well, we can learn all these new things from technology the internet and social media also come with more distractions, exposer and stimulation. We have all done it, you’re supposed to be working on homework, or in my case schoolwork but, an hour later you’ve done nothing, but instead you’ve been watching YouTube videos or scrolling through Instagram. A doctor recently completed a research study on gaming, and it noted that some teens game 8 hours per day, thus contributing to social isolation and obesity. There are even gaming treatment centres in the United States. As a teenager, a lot of importance is placed on social media, the likes you get, the followers you have; these things are able to determine someone’s social status. To post about something and show everybody what you’ve down or what you have achieved instead of living it yourself and appreciating the memories you are making. Somebody’s self-worth and self-confidence can be determined by how many people liked their photo. We don’t yet know the long-term effects of social media to us and our generation, but we do know whatever we post, type or share is there forever, and sometimes we forget that. Technology allows us to share, but it creates a society where values are placed solely upon looks, and achievements. Technology helps us grow, learn and interact; yet injures our privacy and communication skills.  Of course, technology is beneficial to us, as technology shrinks our small world and allows us to use social media to look for and find anything we need or want, well providing a unique sense of entertainment. Ultimately, technology is a two-edged sword, it has in many ways better our world. However, it can also hinder our society in unfavourable ways if we are not cautious of its capabilities.



I love to travel, it makes me very happy to go and know new countries and cultures. My family likes to travel in Mexico or U.S.A. they don like to travel far from home. I really enjoy being with my family because you have fun, love and more and, when I want to travel far, I go with my friends, and it´s really cool, just having a lot of fun with good friends, know places with them and learning things together. Last summer I traveled  with my best friend and a group of girls I didn’t know, but during the trip I got to know them and now they are important in my life, travel gives you many friendships and very funny experiences. All the trips you have will always give you a different feeling wherever you go. You always have to remember to enjoy it, because you don’t know when it will be the last time you travel with that person or to that place, that sounds sad but its true. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the place, what matters in traveling is to enjoy every second and remember that you are lucky to be able to travel with the people you love.


Behind enemy lines

At this point in the story, Sam is still being held captive inside of a concentration camp in Germany But is on his second day being there. They wake up to go get served breakfast, breakfast that day was the most dry dusty bread ever and soup with worms in it. sams friend James suggested that they go look around at some factories that they saw around the camp. But, when they went over to one of the factories and sam, peered over the window to see inside he saw a massive pile of dead bodies and tried not to puke. They met a man walking out of the factory he was another prisoner he warned sam not to go inside. The only reason that man was in there was to see had died because it was the only way to know.

It was quite easy to get to the back of the building we wanted to find out about.There was a small brick building attached to attached to the larger building with the chimney. We looked through a window.that when I saw at least fifty naked bodies stached on top of each other. I turned away terrified.”we’re in hell” I muttered allowed. This must be hell.

This quote overall I just thought was disgusting, and it popped out the most to me. It shows how some of the images that these soldiers had to see wete so awful and probably stuck with them for the rest of there lives.



Munich / Personal Writing

Munich is the capital of Bavaria and the third largest city of Germany. For the tourists Munich has many sights to offer. It is not for nothing that Munich is the most visited place in Germany after Berlin. Many come to Munich for beer, the Oktoberfest, the Hofbräuhaus or the Weißwürste. Others come because of the world-famous museums such as the Deutsche Museum, the three Pinakotheken, the Haus der Kunst or the Glyptothek. For example, the old town, the Frauenkirche, the town hall and the Residence are all a delight for architecture lovers. Sports fans can take a look at the Olympic Park or the famous Allianz Arena football stadium. Others love the almost Mediterranean flair of Munich or the scene of Schwabing with the famous Leopoldstraße and the largest university in Germany. Munich is unique. It is a young city – less than 900 years old. The city has a high quality of life. The city is said to have low unemployment and a lot of wealth. Munich has many large green spaces (above all the English Garden Park) and allegedly fewer social problems and poverty than Berlin, the Ruhr area or Frankfurt, for example. Also the location of the city, especially the nearby Alps, the many lakes and the short way to Italy, is very attractive.

Top places to visit:

1st Frauenkirche

2nd Marienplatz

3th Nymphenburg Castle

4th German Museum

5th English Garden

6th Munich Residence

7th Isar

8th Karlsplatz Stachus

9th Olympic Park

10th Viktualienmarkt


A very good website I found is this:

On the website are the best tourist attractions in Munich you can visit.


A Dark and Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night, I could hear the wind howling, see streaks of lightning coming down from the sky, and feel the rain as it made contact against the ceiling. All this while I sat near the fireplace surrounded by walls protecting me from the outside world. But still, I felt chill, a sign that something was going to happen to me. I closed my eyes hoping that my fear of not knowing would go away. Now I opened my eyes, stood up and walked over to the window. There I continued to see darkness, lightning, and rain, absorbing the outside world. Now raising my right hand, I brought it close to the window, and I could feel the cold outside engulf me. As my hand came ever closer to the edge of the window, I felt more cold, depressed, and tired. But the very second I placed my hand against the window, I realized that the darkness, lightning, and rain was all just a figment of my imagination. All of a sudden I felt awake, alive, and free. Now staring at a bright and beautiful world, which was consumed by people, greenery, and an endless light blue sky.


“The Escape Room” William_Dolan_Personal_Writing

My name is Geno. I am an architect, and I am the one who designed Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia. Kingdom Tower is going to be the tallest building in the world. I also design escape rooms. Today I am going to test my newly designed escape room with my friend Jesse. She is my assistant and she’s exceptional at escaping from escape rooms. Whenever she figures out how to escape, she forces me to come up with a new, more challenging room. I have never escaped from my own design before. Jesse made sure to change some of the features in the room, so that it would become more of a challenge, as I know my rooms inside and out.

On Wednesday, we headed to downtown Middleton, to go to my escape room office. We were both wearing big sweaters and Nike sneakers. Jesse wore leggings, and I wore sweats. We were dressed warmly, as I had added temperature changing effects. One minute it may be normal temperature, next minute it could be 30 below zero. And sometimes, it can get to 40 degrees celsius. We had someone pass out once, as it was so hot!

We checked in at the counter, and Joe, my trusty secretary, led us to our room. The rooms are actually quite large. Joe wished us luck, and closed the door behind us, which automatically locked. We looked ahead, and in front of us, there was a large green safe. A loud voice came out of nowhere and yelled; “Open the safe!!!”

It was quite alarming to be honest. Together, Jesse and I walked towards the safe. We turned the wheel on the door which was surprisingly loose. No sooner had we swung the door open, an entire flood of water came bursting out of nowhere. The whole room was flooding to the ceiling, which was 17 feet high, and we were drowning.

“Quick, get inside the safe. There must be something that will drain this water!” yelled Jesse. And with that, I took a deep breath and dived into the water and inside the safe. As soon as I got inside, the door slammed closed, and the safe started flooding. I was scared. I banged on the door, trying to get Jesse’s attention, but the racket I was making was drowned out by the rushing water. Then, out of nowhere, a huge explosion burst the safe open, and the water was draining into a hole in the ground.

Just as we were catching our breath, the room started to rotate, and change form. Within 30 seconds, the room had turned into a halloween theme.

“Halloween isn’t for an entire month!” I yelled angrily. I realized that my werewolf, clown and and zombie robots were going to attack us at any moment. I sort of wished I hadn’t made 60 of each robot, because this room was bad enough. I had programmed the robots to grab the occupants in the room, and now I was the victim of my scary creation. Then as I was thinking about this, I heard all 60 of the werewolves howl, and I knew I was in for it…


IRJE – Life of Pi – Part 1

Life of Pi, by Yann Martel, is a novel that takes on different messages, emotions, undertones, and stories in each section. Part one, Toronto and Pondicherry, commences with the introduction of Pi, the narrator and protagonist. This section of the novel consists of Pi reflecting on his earlier life, after moving from his hometown, Pondicherry, India, to Toronto, Canada. He moved to attend university, but he soon started to realise the different behaviour and mannerisms that separate societies hold.  In his education, Pi is exploring and excelling in the unlikely combination of Religion and Zoology, however social conduct in a foreign country put him in an entirely different situation.

He had no idea how deeply those word wounded me. They were like nails being driven into my flesh. I picked up the knife and fork. I had hardly ever used such instruments. My hands trembled. My sambar lost its taste. (p. 8)

After reading this passage, I immediately connected with it, on different levels. First of all, if you develop certain habitual actions your whole life, then that’s suddenly not deemed acceptable, it would have quite an impact on you. It’s interesting to gain insight on how little we know about other cultures and social norms that may be very regular somewhere else, yet very uncommon here. I know that the majority of the time, we feel the need to conform to society, instead of embracing our individuality, which is a contributing factor to why we’re losing so much exposure and perspective. This scene also explores the significant impact that people can have on you, even though it might not show. I believe we suppressed our emotions very often, which too frequently ends up harming us in a much larger way.


idrj- sapiens

Sapiens, A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, is a “brief” account of our species past and how modern-day life came to be. This chapter is called “There Is No Justice in History”. It explores the idea of imagined orders in society. And as the chapter title states, these imagined orders are unfair and unjust, but most stressed not based on facts of biology. This chapter faces questions like, what is the biological difference between slaves and slave owners? Rich and poor? There is none to be factual. So at what point in time where these people considered lesser than and deserving of so much less?

“Unjust discrimination often gets worse, not better, with time. Money comes to money, and poverty to poverty. Education comes to education, and ignorance to ignorance. Those once victimised by history are likely to be victimised yet again. And those whom history has privileged are more likely to be privileged again.”(Chapter 8) P.161

A sad but true statement. History has a tendency to repeat itself, and if not repeat, the negative aspects have a tendency to reiterate in society’s way of functioning.




Cinder IRJE/Oct 15

Cinder is now healed. Dr. Ender has a vision of what is going to happen in the future, so he decides to get Cinder’s bloodline. When he finally gets it Cinder says that she might need to help Queen Levana, so that’s the moment that Dr. Ender tells Cinder who is her family. 

He pulled his hat off. “I’m sorry, Cinder. I should have gone about this a better way. Yes, your mother is dead. I do not know who your father is or if he is alive. Your mother was, shall we say…known for her promiscuity.”

She felt her hopes shrivel. “Oh.”

“And you have an aunt.”

“An aunt?”

Dr. Erland squeezed the hat in both hands. “Yes. It’s Queen Levana.”

Cinder blinked at him.

“My dear girl. You are Princess Selene.”

This quote gives me a feeling of sadness but at the same time a feeling of relieve, because, in one part it is sad that you don’t know your family and when you get a notice about it they tell you some important members of your family died. On the other hand, it finally relieves you and you now know who are you and who your parents were or are. Cinder noticed that she was really trying to help her dead mom and that she is the princess. 


IRJE: Oct. 15 (Words of Radiance)

In Words of Radiance, book two of the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson, the religion practiced throughout the kingdoms the story mainly takes place in is called Vorinism. According to Vorin beliefs, it is extremely improper for a woman to leave her left hand (“safehand”) uncovered. Shallan, the female protagonist, and a woman from one such of those Vorin kingdoms, becomes an apprentice of sorts to a con-artist named Tyn. One of the things Tyn begins to teach Shallan is how to pretend to be someone from a different kingdom.

“I, for one, am going to be very amused to watch your face when you have to go out in public with that hand of yours uncovered.”

Shallan immediately pulled her safehand up to her breast. “What!”

“I warned you about difficult things,” Tyn said, smiling in a devious way. “West of Marat, almost all women go out with both hands uncovered. If you’re going to go to those places and not stand out, you’ll have to be able to do as they do.”

“It’s immodest!” Shallan said, blushing furiously.

“It’s just a hand, Shallan,” Tyn said. “Storms, you Vorins are so prim. That hand looks exactly like your other hand.” (p. 428)

Initially when reading this, it’s easy to think that the Vorin “safehand” tradition is ridiculous. When you consider further though, many of our beliefs about propriety aren’t any better. For instance, we consider it to be a very intimate thing to see someone in their underwear, yet our swimsuits look nearly exactly the same besides the material. Somehow we find one material to be more intimate than the other. When considering it this way, left or right isn’t much different than one material or another.

I find things like this interesting to think about. It changes our perspective when we realize what we consider right or wrong in regards to “decency” is often completely abstract. In fact, this applies to many things about society- barely any of it can be completely justified in a logical way, it’s almost all about how we are raised and what we are told.


The Catcher in the Rye

In the book The Catcher in the Rye, written by J.D. Salinger, Holden arrived at Mr.Antolini’s. Mr. Antolini and his wife have just wrapped up a dinner party in their apartment, having glasses and dishes everywhere. While Mr. Antolini’s wife started making coffee, Holden takes a seat and the two started talking, Mr. Antolini then asks Holden about his expulsion in Pencey Prep school. Holden soon reveals that he disliked the rules of that school, an example would be his debate class, the students were penalized for digressing their subject. Mr. Antolini then challenges Holden, saying that digressions are distracting and that it is more interesting to stay on one topic. Holden then feels uncomfortable and goes to bed.

“I’m not trying to tell you,” he said, “that only educated and scholarly men are able to contribute something valuable to the world. It’s not so. But I do say that educated and scholarly men, if they’re brilliant and creative to begin with – which, unfortunately, is rarely the case – tend to leave infinitely more valuable records behind them than men do who are merely brilliant and creative. They tend to express themselves more clearly, and they usually have a passion for following their thoughts through to the end. And – most important – nine times out of ten they have more humility than the unscholarly thinker. Do you follow me at all?”

I really like this quote, as this quote discusses a lot about Mr. Antolini, from this quote we are not sure if Mr. Antolini genuinely loves his students, but we can tell from what he has said to Holden that he has genuine respect to learning. In this quote, he also does not try to scold holden in any way, in fact, he talks to Holden as an equal.


Handle with Care IR #3

Throughout the chapters, the situation between Wren and Lincoln is kind of uncomfortable because last time they argued about Wren’s job being a “babysitter”.

After all, both brothers have to accept that the only thing Wren wants is being able to work at Moorehead, it’s not that she wants to being behind the brothers backs.

I handled him. I have authorization to restrain or subdue him if the situation calls for it


This quote actually explains the “power” Wren has over the brothers.

I wrote the word power in quotations marks, because Lincoln and Armstrong have power over Wren, but she is actually the one that is telling them in what ways should they handle things.


IRJE: Oct 14 (Crime and Punishment)

The book Crime and Punishment, written by the Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky, is about Raskolnikov, a former student who is struggling with financial and mental problems, and plans to commit a crime by murdering an old pawnbroker Alyona Ivanova. While he isolates himself from society, he has been torturing himself mentally, but at last he decides to take action for his plan.

Almost every criminal is subject to a failure of will and reasoning power by a childish and phenomenal heedlessness, at the very instant when prudence and caution are most essential. (page 58)

Something that I find interesting about this quote is that it shows many controversial ideas. Raskolnikov is in a sick condition, and while being mentally unstable, he is well-educated and is capable of making precise judgments. This quote also hints on the superiority and proudness that he feels. Raskolnikov is confident in himself that he will not be affected by the “phenomenal heedlessness”. By thinking this he already considers himself as a criminal, but yet throughout the chapter he justifies his reasons for the murder of the hateful pawnbroker, by saying that she selfishly keeps her money while having no use to it, so that he will do society a favour by killing her and use her money for a better purpose. It is very controversial, but very interesting.


The City of Ember

The City of Ember has been struggling to organize their use of resources, facing a shortage of food, electricity, etc, has been hard for the citizens.

The farther I went the darker it was, and you can’t just keep walking into black dark, can you? it’s like a wall in front of you. I keep turning around to look at the lights of the city, because that’s all there was to see, and then I’d say to myself, Don’t look back, keep moving. But I kept tripping and falling. The ground is rough out there.

This quote mainly describes the way the city of Ember is, the physical features, etc. But when you look at it the other way, it is a motivating quote about life. It says that life is rough, but it always has a silver lining. Life has its own ways, there are tragedies and surprises that you have to deal with. There are mean people out there who will put you down and bully you but on the other hand, there are people who will pick you up and help you when you are sad. When you feel like giving up, remember, that there will always be a way.



IRJ Ashley

THAT SUMMEN IR PARIS written by Morley Callaghan, one night at dinnertime  Callaghan and his wife, they were looking at the priest and callaghan´s wife went with the priest after dinner and the priest told us about himself.

After dinner in the lounge my wife spoke to the big lonely priest, and we sat down with him for an hour, and he told us about him. This priest, whom I´ll call Father Tom, for he may still be alive, was the Catholic chaplain for a California penitentiary housing incorrigible criminals who were there for life. In ten years he had walked to the execution chamber with sixteen men. All this year he had been breaking out into strange intermittent fevers.


I choose this quote because I think this part is different and so interesting, I feel like I was reading more than just about Morley and his wifi. Everything the priest said was very interesting and very impressive of what he said.



Independent Reading Alex Rider Stormbreaker

The book Alex Rider Stormbreaker written by Anthony Horowitz is about an orphaned boy, who became after the death of his uncle Ian Rider a secret agent at MI6. In chapter 4 Alex learns that Mr Sayle of Syle Enterprises wants to give computers to every school in the UK. Everybody is enthusiastic but especially the government.

Of course the whole government was excited. p.47

As doubts arrise about the integrity and the intention of the donation no one is interested in it. Exactly the opposite happens.

The government’s too keen to get their hands on these computers to listen to us. p.48

I particulary like this passage, because it shows that money rules the world. Hardly there are free gifts and already everybody closes eyes and ears before the origin of the money.



Nothing More Than a Hazara

In The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, Amir is peering down an ally-way to his best friend Hassan who is being sexually abused by an older boy named Assef. He has a decision to make, either stand up for Hassan, who had always stood up for him, or run. Amir chose to run, mainly because he was afraid of what would happen to him. While he ran he thought if he had done the right thing, and for the first time in his life, he thought of Hassan as a Hazara and nothing more. After about fifteen minutes he forced himself to walk back to where he had deserted his friend. Amir spotted Hassan walking away from the ally and ran towards him, they met underneath a decaying birch tree. In Hassan’s hands was the blue kite Amir had cut down earlier that day with his kite to win the kite-fighting tournament. Amir then said the following to Hassan with immense difficulty because it was all but a lie to cover up the truth…

“Where were you? I looked for you.” (p. 83)

I feel that this quote is significant not because Amir uttered a lie to Hassan, but because he still chose to talk to Hassan after what had happened. Even though he had left his friend to the hands of god, Amir felt guilt for his cowardice. But he did not apologize by saying sorry, instead, he acted as if nothing had happened. Was this a decision that Amir thought to be the best to stay friends with Hassan or was it for another reason? To hide what he saw, what he did, and what he will never be able to forget.



“Brave doesn’t mean your not scared” pg 331.  ‘The Hate You Give’ by Angie Thomas.


During this quote, Starr’s mom is trying to tell her that bravery comes in many forms, and it is not always what people describe it to be. Starr is heartbroken on the day of the grand jury because she just experienced the death of her African-American friend Khalil. He was shot by a white Police Officer named Johannes Mehserle.


I like this quote because it teaches me that I can be fearful, and also brave at the same time. Bravery doesn’t necessarily mean that you are without fear. Fear is an emotion that can help you analyze a situation and decide how to respond in a challenging situation. Fear can help you stay safe, but can also be overcome and when appropriate used in conjunction with bravery.


I enjoyed reading this book, as it shows how we as a society need to continue to work to improve racial equality. We must also try to avoid committing crimes that result in senseless violence. This book is quite violent and that makes me feel very uneasy at times. If you are sensitive to violence, I would think carefully about it before you read this book.



Cinder IRJE

Cinder is still battleing vs the new “electro era”. She got injured by Prince Kai, she couldnt move and she was sitting on the ground, while Prince Kai was still in shock until he said that he was seeing things which was used as an excuse. After all the tension she got up and they tried to squeeze her into the doctor’s schedule.

KAI RECEIVED TWO COMMS BETWEEN THE TIME THEY LEFT THE elevator and the time they reached Dr. Erland’s office—Cinder knew because she could hear the chime from his belt—but he didn’t answer them. He insisted on helping her down the hallway, despite her protests that she could walk just fine, despite the curious stares of passersby. Curious stares did not seem to bother the prince half so much as they bothered her.

He didn’t knock when they reached the office, and Dr. Erland, upon seeing who had burst in without announcement, did not seem surprised when he saw the prince.

“It happened again,” said Kai. “Her fainting, whatever it is.”

Dr. Erland’s blue eyes switched to Cinder.

“It’s gone now,” she said. “I’m fine.”

“You’re not fine,” said Kai. “What causes it? What can we do to make it stop?”

“I’ll take a look at her,” said Dr. Erland. “We will see what can be done to keep it from happening again.”

Kai seemed to think this was an acceptable answer, but only barely. “If you need funds to do the research…or special equipment, or anything.”

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” said the doctor. “She probably just needs another adjustment.”

Cinder clenched her teeth as her lie detector flashed at her. He was lying to the prince again. He was lying to her. But Kai didn’t object, didn’t question. He sucked in a deep breath and faced Cinder. The expression made her uncomfortable—the look that suggested she was a china doll, easily shattered.

This quote expresses how Kai didn’t tolerate when they lie to him so he just made the expression so she could tell that he was mad at her, this always says that there is some people that are easily “manipulated” by some other people. (I choose this quote because lying is something that is done a lot in society, so this gives an understanding of how some people don’t tolerate lies.


Personal Writing – Which superpower do you prefer? (Invisibility or Mind Reading) 


If I had the option to have the superpower of mind-reading or be invisible, why? 

Because you can do whatever you want is invisible and you don’t have any problems, for example: grab the food you want, clothes from a store, be in places where people don’t notice you are in, etc. There is a lot of things that you can actually do while you are invisible. As well as reading minds. 

I really like the superpower of reading minds, is something that I really think about, because you don’t know what people think about you or what they think of some comment you made, other reason is if they are talking about you, or about someone else, or when they are even lying to you.  People will not have any excuse about what they are saying, you can just manipulate everything, for example, court, conversations, robbing, tests, thoughts, etc. 

But of course you need to be able to control and know how to use this superpower because if they take advantage saying that how do you know about that if I didn’t even tell you, and that is something that will lead to friend crumbling, and then other people will know and you will end up with no friends. 

On the other hand, while being invisible, you can do so many things with any problems, it is probably more helpful than reading minds, because if you want to travel to a place you could just enter the plane with no problem or if someone is talking bad about something or someone counting you, you can just go to the place and start hearing what they are saying.

I would like to stay with invisibility because is something that would be really useful in the daily life of a person. 


Personal Writing – Climate Change


Climate change is a big factor that is affecting the world and the people living in it. If we don’t make a change now the world will keep going through the wrong path and there are some people that actually don’t care, for example, the president of Brasil. He and his government are the ones responsible of the Amazonas disaster, in which thousands of cubic kilometers were burnt just because he wanted to make some contracts to make some planning and use that space for other things. If you don’t know the Amazonas Forest is called like the world’s lungs, this forest is located at Brasil and it is probably the biggest forest in the world, this forest is needed to reduce the carbon dioxide in the air, and give oxygen. There is a worldwide climate change protest (September 27th) in which people reunite in a certain place and make posters and different speeches or things about the topic. There are millions of people in this protest just trying to make a change by talking but we need to make a change, you can keep saying to change or different things but there are some “ignorant” people that just say that there needs to be a change but they still throw garbage on the floor, politicians need to actually help in this type of situation instead of using the money for corruption and other things that are not needed at the moment. 



Netflix is a streaming service that allows people to watch a wide variety of movies and TV shows for a price. Internet traffic is the flow of data across the internet, the phrase is used to describe web traffic, the amount of data sent and received by visitors. According to the latest Global Internet Phenomena Report from Sandvine, Netflix has shown to cause 13.1% of internet traffic. Although Netflix didn’t begin renting DVDs until 1998, the company was founded in 1997 which makes it a year older than Google.

Going back to the impacts of bullying such as depression, anxiety, and isolation, binge-watching Netflix has been proven to cause negative effects on our health too. Many teenagers have been diagnosed with intense depression and anxiety. On the other hand, research has shown that binge-watching is sometimes helpful in social interactions, giving people something to talk about with friends or colleagues.

Netflix is in debt! Netflix spends a lot of cash to stay ahead of the game and acquire subscribers. It is raising another $2 billion in debt to fund its content spending and other expenses which will bring its long term debt to around $12.3 billion.




Clunk. You find a strange mangled looking wooden box on the beach. What would you like to see inside? For me, my foremost desire would be materialistic. I would hope to find gold coins and old rare treasures that hold tons of value. Perhaps a gold crown littered in rubies diamonds and sapphires. Anything worth an enormous amount of cost is a treasure in my eyes. However, there are some things that I would like that are not materialistic. I want the answer to what it takes to be successful in life. I want the instruction to lead a perfect life without mistakes. The reasoning? The reasoning is because, without failure, outcomes efficiency. I want to accomplish and do many things in my life, and if I am stuck at one thing, or if I trip and fall, I lose precious time. And time is limited in this world. I would also like to find the answer to long-distance space travel in a short time. Space travel, in my eyes, is the most adventurous thing to do. And travelling worlds, exploring and finding lifeforms would be the best type of adventure in my books.