IRJE: North and South

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, is a novel that can be unquestionably classified as ahead of its time. The story is centred around Margaret, who is in every respect breaking the woman’s stereotype of that era, by existing alongside everyone else, rather than conforming to the ways of her friends and family. Margaret is a compassionate, strong, versatile individual who’s soon to be embarking on a drastic lifestyle change. Despite being written in 1854, Margaret lives in a reality where embellishing isn’t required when describing the home she loves; a concept which we even struggle with in the 21st century. However, what she has yet to discover is that soon, she won’t be able to call that her home.

“Tell me about Helstone. You have never described it to me. I should like to have some idea of the place you will be living in, when ninety-six Harley Street will be looking dingy and dirty, and dull, and shut up. Is Helstone a village, or a town, in the first place?”

“Oh, only a hamlet; I don’t think I could call it a village at all. There is the church and a few houses near it on the green—cottages, rather—with roses growing all over them.”

“And flowering all the year round, especially at Christmas—make your picture complete,” said he.

“No,” replied Margaret, somewhat annoyed, “I am not making a picture. I am trying to describe Helstone as it really is. You should not have said that.” (p. 9)

This passage conveys just how much Margaret values her life in the Southern part of Britain. It may not be in an overly apparent way, however her honest, genuinely positive description of it reveals her outlook. I also admired the way she stood firmly with her opinion, instead of simply stepping down and pushing away her values in order to maintain pleasant conversation. I find that that isn’t seen nearly enough, and it’s a refreshing change. On another note, this scene is unfortunately foreshadowing the fact that she will soon be moving to the place that she earlier referred to as “dingy and dirty”, and that’s the Northern part of Britain. I found this very interesting, because in novels it seems that there’s consistently a buildup for something that eventually gets taken away, dragged down, or defeated. Does there always need to be an unpleasant change in order to find future success or happiness? Because if so… we’re being taught the wrong things!


independent reading, Ashley

that summer in Paris, Morley Callaghan

morley´s husband is talking about when he went to New York and what he was doing there, he learn things, he was taking lunch with a friend and talk about life.

on the way to Paris we stopped over in New York and had lunch with Perkins, and I had to smile to myself watching him draw out my wife, making sure she belonged, just as he had done with me. When he learned that she had gone to a convent he seemed pleased. with surprising firmness he said all girls ought to be educated in convents. what about his five daughters? I wondered. With his soft approach, sometimes appearing to be intellectually way out in left field, what a firm-minded man he was.

I chose this quote because I thing this part is interesting, shows what Hemingway is doing and what he thinks and how was the trip on New York city. he was listening to Perkins of what he thinks about a convent and more.


IRJE: Oct 1st (Alias Grace)

The book Alias Grace, written by the Canadian author Margaret Atwood, is a recreation of the story of a famous murderess Grace Marks, who was accused of murdering her employer Thomas Kinnear and his housekeeper (and so happened to be mistress) Nancy Montgomery with the help of her accomplice James McDermott. Grace was the childhood sweetheart of the young boy Jamie Walsh, who lived on the Kinnear property. On Grace’s trial, Jamie Walsh had hurt her deeply by cutting all connections from her and gave effective evidence to the judge against her, which had lead to her 30 years of imprisonment. When Grace was finally pardoned, she was found by the regretful Jamie Walsh, now Mr.Walsh, who begged for her forgiving because he believed that he had caused her very sufferings. Whether or not Grace had truly participated in the murders were unknown in records, but Mr. Walsh and Grace were soon married as Grace wrote a letter to Dr.Jordan and her story have come to an end.

He listens to all of that like a child listening to a fairy tale, as if it is something wonderful and then he begs me to tell him yet more…

Now that I come to think of it, you were as eager as Mr.Walsh is to hear about my sufferings and my hardships in life; and not only that, but you would write them down as well. (p. 547-548)

I find this quote interesting because it is a revolutionary idea towards all the content before this chapter. As I read the book I have never doubted the truth of Grace’s story, narrated by herself to Dr. Jordan. But I have caught myself being entertained at her sufferings throughout the book, similar to how Mr.Walsh and Dr. Jordan did. Grace is aware of this as she had kept her audience interested at all times, and even after she was pardoned from the penitentiary she was still required to perform her role. And what is it exactly do we find so interesting  from the poor woman’s sufferings? This quote alarmed me; I am no different from the crowd that urged to watch McDermott’s public hanging; I am quite guilty too.


The Dream of Ghargha Lake

In The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, Hassan, who is the son of Ali, Amir’s father’s servant, is brewing black tea for breakfast. Once Hassan had concluded making the tea, he walked over to Amir and began telling him about a dream he’d had the other night. With Hassan’s dream, the meaning behind it was unclear to Hassan, he was hoping that Amir would be able to tell him what it meant. But Amir, just like Hassan, did not understand the meaning behind the dream. Amir told Hassan that it was just a dumb dream because nothing happens in it. Hassan then told  Amir what his father had said to him about dreams, that they all mean something.

“We were at Ghargha Lake, you, me, Father, Agha sahib, Rahim Khan, and thousands of other people.”  . . .

“It was warm and sunny, and the lake was clear like a mirror. But no one was swimming because they said a monster had come to the lake. It was swimming at the bottom, waiting.” . . .

“So everyone is scared to get in the water, and suddenly you kick off your shoes, Amir agha, and take off your shirt. ‘There’s no monster,’ you say ‘I’ll show you all.’ And before anyone can stop you, you dive into the water, start swimming away. I follow you in and we’re both swimming.” . . .

“But you can’t swim.” . . .

“It’s a dream, Amir agha, you can do anything. Anyway, everyone is screaming, ‘Get out! Get out!’ but we just swim in the cold water. We make it way out to the middle of the lake and we stop swimming. We turn toward the shore and wave to the people. They look small like ants, but we can hear them clapping. They see now. There is no monster, just water. They change the name of the lake after that, and call it the ‘Lake of Amir and Hassan, Sultans of Kabul,’ and we get to charge people money for swimming in it.” (pp. 63-64)

With the quotes displayed above, they tell us of the entire dream Hassan had, and how there was no monster at the bottom of the lake. But it is relevant to look into this dream now because later in the story we will be able to see that there was a monster in Hassan’s dream, and within Hassan’s life as well. Which, like the dream, was waiting, waiting for the opportunity to drag him down, into the bottom of the lake. Where he would finally realize, in his last breath, the truth behind friendship.


IRJE : Alex Rider Stormbreaker (1 oct)

The book Alex Rider Stormbreaker, written by Anthony Horowitz, introduce the world to Alex, a teenager. After the death of his uncle, Alex begins to discover his family’s past. Alex was told that his uncle died in a car accident. There were a lot of strange people and strange situations at Ian´s funeral. There were a lot of questions churning through his mind.

The pistol at the funeral. The way blunt looked at him. The van with Stryker and Son written on the side. The empty office. And the biggest mystery of all, the one detail that refused to go away. The seat belt. Ian Rider hadn’t been wearing a seat belt. But of course he had.  p.14

Alex thought about the seat belt thing and he couldn’t believe it. He decided to find out the truth. This section of the book shows that Alex Rider learns a lot of about to be an adult. He does’t believe all statements of the adults. He thinks critically and he wants to find out the truth. I think this is the right way to become an adult.



Independent Reading Journal (Oct 1.) The Call Of The Wild – By Jack London

In the book “The Call of the Wild”, Author Jack London is narrating the life of the character Buck, a fierce dog who is taken away from his rightful home, and placed to work in the Yukon. The story is about love, betrayal, emotional and physical challenges, as well as strength.

The quote below takes place when Buck and John Thornton develop a strong relationship with each other, after John saves Bucks life. Many times in the story, Buck saves John’s life. Then in the final chapter, John pays the ultimate price, when he is killed by Native Americans.

“Love, genuine passionate love, was his for the first time.” Chapter 6. The call of the wild.

I  love this quote, as it reassured me that Buck was going to survive and that there was someone in the Yukon that truly cared about him. I personally think this book is genius. The story is based around an animals perspective of life, but all the feelings he experiences about breaking through and fulfilling his destiny, can be related to humans as well.

However, I personally wonder if the author meant that Buck was experiencing love for the first time ever since he was stolen from his original owner (Judge Miller) , or if he meant that Buck has never felt this kind of love before in general. It would be nice if Jack London was still alive, to get some input on the subject.



The One-Way Alley


“I won’t do it, and you can’t make me!”

I remember saying these exact words around twenty-six years ago, even though my memory is blurry, I am able to recall of the time, when I was only a 12-year-old boy facing the wrath of my childhood enemy Aazar along with my friend Lucas. Aazar was only a year older than me but looked like a fully grown man. I despised him because he would always bully my best friend Lucas, who was the same age as me but was very fragile. We both came from poor family’s and often struggled with life.

Aazar had been chasing after us along with his friends, Mo and Alnoor because we had accidentally spilled dirty water on him. After we had drenched their shirts with dirty water Aazar stepped toward us and we stepped back, he stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled out a silver brass knuckle, that’s when we ran and found ourselves cornered minutes later in a slightly dark one-way alley. Aazar had begun to laugh in a very menacing way. He would usually do this to indicate his friends to beat up his captured prey, but today he was the one who stepped forward. We had our backs glued to the end of the alley and I could feel a chill running down my spine. I was scared but when I looked over at my friend, he appeared petrified. With no way of escape, we knew we were in trouble. That’s when Aazar began talking to us: “I’m in a good mood today which is why I’m going to give you a simple task”. He was staring into my eyes with a wide grin on his face and said to me: Break his leg in half.” He was pointing at Lucas. That’s when I said: I won’t do it, and you can’t make me!” “Do it now or you’ll wish you had!” That’s when I had enough, I charged directly at Aazar, next thing I knew it was pitch black outside, I was on the ground in the alleyway. I then got up with difficulty and felt pain on the left side of my head. Now looking at the beginning of the alleyway, everything seemed normal as if it had just been a dream. I began walking up to the open end of the alley, stepping away from the alley now, I looked back once more to the end of the alley and was engulfed with fear…

At the end of that alley is something I will never forget, my friend Lucas was lying unconscious on the ground. At that moment, I had started running towards my friend, nothing mattered now, not my family, not even my own life, the only thing that mattered was my best friend. Now holding him in my arms I yelled at him to wake up, but he neither moved or spoke. Tears had begun falling down my face, and I had started screaming for him to wake up. Having no idea what to do I continued to cry, that’s when I heard scuffling from the other end of the alley, “what is going on over here,” said an old man who was startled to see me crying and holding on to what looked like a dead body. “What happened to him?” Said the old man. “I don’t know.” That’s when he picked up my friend and carried him over his back towards the opening of the alley. I got up and followed the old man, I asked him: “where are you taking my friend?” He responded in a reassuring way, “To the Hospital.”




Child from year 2300


1. A child from the year 2300 travels back to our time. How and why? What do they find surprising (or even horrifying) about our daily lives?

A time machine emerged from the sky as a young child flew out of it in his flying suit, surprised at how the world looks like in the year 2019, where the sky was still blue, there were still buildings, there were even trees, there were still people…

Looking down above the sky, the child was petrified as he was the last child ever to exist in 2300 because of the war, World War 3, this war led to more than 95 percent of the whole world’s population to die. After the war, there was a shortage of food and people started to kill each other for food. Luckily, the child’s dad, a famous scientist, built a time machine just before he died of starvation and told his child to get in the time machine, sending him back to the past because everyone was craving for it.

As the child flew down from the sky, looking at how peaceful the world is, he was relieved, as in 2300, people would kill each other just because the other person possesses food. When he flew down to the land, he was confused, looking at the transportations cities have now, he was not sure if this was even earth, as in 2300, there were no buses, cars or any sort of transportation, there were only flying suits. He then flew to the ocean, soon realizing that there was still water, he was in shock, he wanted to drink the water from the ocean so bad, he desperately flew down to drink the water since there was no more water in the year 2300, every ocean was destroyed by nuclear bombs, there was just land. After drinking the water, he decided to fly back to the city and have a new life in 2019.


What will the world be like in 50 years

Over the course of fifty years many things will be different and will have changed drastically. Predicting the future can be very tricky besides we can barely predict our next week but we do have some ideas of what the future will look like and what will have happened. I will be going through some of the changes that will have happened and explaining them in a simple form. Alright, the first thing that we are going to be talking about is how large the population is going to be now my estimate is that the population is going to be around 9 billion. Everybody will be much more close to each other and food shortages may happen more often. over population may start to be more of a problem and many more homes will have to be made and cities will become much larger than they are now. As far as global warming goes the forests will be smaller in size, ice caps will be much smaller and wildfires will spread much easier. Majority of people in the future will live in city’s as they become much larger in size and start to cover country’s much more. These are some of my predictions for what the world is going to look like in fifty years. There will be many new problems but we will have answers….. Hopefully. 



Personal Writing By William Dolan

  1. An argument breaks out at a restaurant, where one person is clearly in the wrong. Do they back down or do they keep arguing? What happens next?


“You tried to dine and dash on us! We are going to call the police,” said the waitress. 


“I simply forgot my wallet in my car!” said the woman dressed all in black.


“But you started your car, and you did not come out until I shouted at you,” argued the waitress who was beginning to get impatient.


“My wallet was hard to find!” said the woman. “It was stuck under the car seat!”  Then, just as she was about to speak, she felt a thick hand which belonged to a security guard grab her wallet and start examining it’s contents.


“It seems ma’am that your wallet is empty, and that you do not have a driver’s license. It appears that you don’t have a car and you have no intentions of paying for your meal.


“But the woman said, people make mistakes, besides I have run out of money as I used it all to support my daughter so she could go to university and experience a good education,” said the woman. 


“That makes no difference, this is a criminal offence, and you must wait with me until the police come,” said the security guard. And in moments the police arrived, and talked to the customer and the restaurant owner separately.


What happened next surprised everyone, the police officer took out his wallet and paid for the meal and then wrote a warning to the customer that didn’t pay. Obviously if this was to happen again, then she would be charged since she was in the wrong. he gave her a card to the local food bank and sent her on her way after the restaurant owner agreed not to press charges.



Language struggles in another country

When i decided to go to another school, I didn’t think about my german or my English, I thought about getting a really special experience that’ll benefit my learning and personal growth. But after arriving and seeing there are almost no Germans, my views and options of how this year was going to go quickly changed. The problem wasn’t that my English was not good enough, it was that I wouldn’t talk german at all. Now I thought about my future in 11th and 12 grade in germany because not only am I getting worse but my friends are getting better. So what could I do to not fall behind? First of all I would have to stay in touch with teachers and students to be updated. Further more I feel like reading ten minutes everyday would just be enough to be able to read fast and increase my vocabulary. And finally we have language support which will hopefully prove useful, Although the only other german student isn’t in my class.




Cyberbullying has become a huge problem in today’s world, especially amongst  teenagers. “Those who judge will never understand, and those who understand will never judge”(unknown). Cyberbullying is a form of using electronic communication to threaten a person. Cyberbullying can scar someone for life, the person may suffer from many types of problems such as depression, anxiety, humiliation and isolation. Due to cyberbullying, the victim starts isolating themselves from society as they would never be viewing internet and people the same way again, suicidal thoughts run through their mind and cause them to give up on life. Bullying is not a reflection of the victim’s character but a sign of the bully’s lack of character. Societies should gather, dicuss and help victims that have been bullied. People wish to bully others because they might be insecure about themselves and do not wish to talk about it. Cyberbullying can be tackled by distancing yourself from the situation and not responding or reacting to the bully. Ask your elders for help- save the evidence and try talking to an elder as they would always be there to help you. If you see someone being bullied in any form, take action and try helping them out, standup for yourselves and others as it might really help them and change their entire perspective about humanity.


Best Thing I’ve Done This Year

What is the best thing you’ve done this year? Why?

Definitely the best thing I’ve done this year, is making the decision of coming to Canada for a year and choosing Brookes as my school and my place to live.


I’ve always wanted to study in another country because I know lots of people who’ve had that experience, and all they talk about are wonders.

Having the opportunity of studying in another country is something that not everyone has, so I really have to make this experience worth it.

I chose Brookes because when I saw it the first time in some videos and posts, I knew that was the place I wanted to study. It looked new, friendly, homely, and so much fun.

The fact of living far away from home, might be hard at first, but soon or later, everyone needs to become independent and this experience is totally preparing you for it.

Thanks to this big event, I met new people from different countries that I’m pretty sure they’ll be my friends for a long time.

I’m sure this experience will help me grow as a better person and will definitely help me to expand my horizons.

I have no regrets at all, in fact, I think this is the best decision I’ve made in my whole life.



IRJE: Cinder

Cinder by Marissa Meyer. A 16-year-old female, that it has mechanisms, it takes place in New Beijing, the Blue Fever starts which is a disease that has no cure.

Smiling through locked teeth, Cinder gestured at the prince. “Iko, please pay your respects to our customer.” She lowered her voice. “His Imperial Highness.”

Iko craned her head, aiming the round sensor up at the prince, who towered more than three feet above her. The light flared as her scanner recognized him. “Prince Kai,” she said, her metallic voice squeaking. “You are even more handsome in person.”

Cinder’s stomach twisted in embarrassment, even as the prince laughed.

“That’s enough, Iko. Get in the booth.

“You don’t see a personality like that every day,” said Prince Kai, leaning against the booth’s door frame as if he brought androids to the market all the time. “Did you program her yourself?” (p. 2)

Prince Kai wanted to say that there is different personality and you can’t see them everyday in the same place.


PW: Sept. 21 (On the Confined)

In open air they writhe, six cold stones surrounding. Meandering wind avoids their skin, scared of dropping ill. They, dropping into sealed grey. Drops of water underground. Dropped upon tongues; closed mouths.

Without, quiet. Within, murderous silence- devouring silence, ravenous silence. Take them, silence. Take me, silence.

Seeking sin, searching six seas, the seventh untouched for they are unwilling. Unsee them, undo them. Never unearth, never unbind them. Caged in open air, writhing in open air, underground in open air. Leave.

Tremors rumble above, collapsing the sky inwards. From heavenly chasms, wholly hollow creatures fall heavily. Crash. Fractured fingernails find purchase between too-tough too-weak slab. Calming fear chains bodies to rock.

Their minds hide in the interlude between panic and oblivion, the ever-dark obscuring grey matter.

Not enough.

Black sunlight streams through cracks in their stony solitary, the midnight brightness blinding them. They’re binding them. Time’s biding them. It begins.


PW – Firelight

I could hear the familiar crackle of the fire, and that’s when I knew we were getting closer.  I started smelling the warm, pine scented campfire, and I couldn’t help but smile.  We were finally there.  Taylor, one of my best friends, and I were the last ones to arrive, so by this time we were radiating with excitement. We walked through the last stretch of forest, weaving ourselves through the maze of trees, and finally reached the clearing.

This meadow was our first choice destination for any and all of our reunions, because everything meaningful in our lives had happened there. We met there, got to know each other, then all became best friends. I had never had such a large group of friends before, but it was by far the best, and most diverse group of people I had ever known. The meadow was a relatively small area, but nevertheless, we loved every part of it.  It was covered with flowers of all shapes, colours, and sizes; along with a small stream running through it, and a fire pit right in the centre. It was in a somewhat remote area that it was peaceful, yet in no way eerie.  It was utterly perfect.

Before everyone noticed Taylor and I, I took a moment to look around me. I was surrounded with laughter, love, and happiness. The orange hue of the fire mixed with the glow of the moon was reflecting off the faces of all my friends, and they looked absolutely blissful.

I looked up at the sky, and saw the stars gleaming above us. The heat of the campfire was enveloping us, to a point where it was crazy to believe it was mid October. Finally, Kaleigh noticed us standing there.

“Aly, Taylor!” She exclaimed, causing the whole group to look our way. Everyone stood up to give us hugs, and that quickly we were all caught up, as if this hadn’t been the first time seeing each other in a month.

Soon enough, we were all sitting down, roasting marshmallows, and sharing stories about our lives. All I knew was that in that moment, as sappy as it sounds, I couldn’t have been happier.


Personal writing/Does being fair mean treating everyone equal?

As a society, we have changed our views to relate fairness to equality when, in actuality, we should be comparing it to equity. With equality, we try to place everyone on a level plane field. Everyone receives the same thing and is granted equal opportunities, regardless of whether they are wanted or needed. True equality is only possible if everyone starts from the same place.  Contrarily, equity, by definition means “the quality of being fair and impartial.”  Under equity, the same possibilities and opportunities are available to everyone. Before equality can be created, equity must be acquired.

As a society, we strive for equality, among races, sexes, and ages. Is this truly all we think it is and is it what we desire. Yes, we (women or those of different socio-economic backgrounds or cultures) want equal pay. No one should be judged or stereotyped for race or gender identity, but we genuinely do not understand the meaning of equality. If we all came from the same background and granted the equal opportunity’s, how will we grow as individuals and society? I am not saying that being treated as less is a good thing, or that we should be happy we are un equals. I am merely stating that we will never all start on a level plan field. Somebody will always have a leg up, whether its money, connections, or personality, it is not human nature to try and achieve perfect harmony. Each individual starts in a different place and has a unique end destination in mind. Unfortunately, the world is not a fair place. People live separate lives and ask different things of you. To treat everyone the same or “fairly” would take an interior shift in society that sadly, most are not willing or knowledgeable enough to make.


the Catcher in the RYE

Quote: What I really felt like, though, was committing suicide. I felt like jumping out the window. I probably would’ve done it, too, if I’d been sure somebody’d cover me up as soon as I landed. I didn’t want a bunch of stupid rubbernecks looking at me when I was all glory” Page. 104

The book The Catcher in the RYE is set around 1950 and is narrated by a young teenager called Holden Caulfield. Holden is not sure of where his location is while telling the story to us, but it is certain that he is undergoing treatment in a mental hospital. The occasions he describes is in a couple of days between the end of fall term and Christmas when holden is sixteen years old.

I chose this quote as this quote is really interesting. In the story, just after he was assaulted by Maurice, he goes to bed, and he concedes that he would rather kill himself rather than going to sleep, his reason for not going to sleep gives the reader a glimpse of his contradictory nature. He claims that he wants to be isolated and yet he is still really concerned about how everyone else is thinking about him. For example, He wants to die because everybody is a “phony” yet wants to live because he doesn’t want the “phonies” to judge him.



personal writing, active

I love to do excessive and be active. One of my favorites sports are basketball, I just to play since I was a kid, I love it, I played with my school of Mexico, and sometimes on the weekend we go out of the city to play with other teams of my state, we were so good on basketball, we always won. My favorite team of basketball is golden state warriors, I love them, I went to see them 3 times, 2 on phoenix arizona and one on san francisco cal, they are the best team of NBA. Now I don’t play anymore, because I want to have more time to do another things on my mind, like be more with my family, play with my 2 pets, and school. But I missed too much basketball, play with my best friends, go 40 out and have fun. But now that I’m hear, in Victoria, I just get stressed and then I eat so much hamburgers in the afternoon because in Mexico it was normal to eat all the day in my state, so now I don’t feel so active, so I want to change that and be like when I was on mexico.


AdrenaLine / A weekend visit / Personal Writing

Last Week on Sunday we made an excursion to AndrenaLine zipline. We took the bus for a short ride to . There we got the equipment and the intructions for the zipline. Then we were devided in two groups per 10 persons and every group got 2 staff member. After the first short zipline for beginners we were driven with a 4×4 unimog of Mercedes to the mountain hill. This was pretty funny, because it was the first time for me to drive with an unimog. And then after a short 10 minutes drive to the mountain hill the fun part started.  The ziplining took 2 hours and we had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it. It´s worth for a visit! The staff was verry friendly and they showed us lots of tricks that we could do at the ziplines. I didn`t do any tricks but some of the other students did them and I think they had lots of fun. At the last zipline  photos of us were shot and this was also very funny because some of the students were photographed from the back. At the end I think It`s pretty good for a visit and I can recommend it for everyone, because you musn´t have experience to do that. The staff looks always after us. In a nutshell this was a great trip and it was a perfect organisation of the school. Thanks for the great trip!


PW: Hotel Arabella (pt 1)

Arabella, a maiden beautiful and spring married to the prosperous Duke Edward and was content until in December abandoned she, became a bitter widow. The shady, grim Arabella inherited the Foster hotel from her beloved, infant in arms. Arabella had managed well without her lovely grace, though her methods remain dignifiedly unknown, protecting her from the ugly whispers among the aimless. 

However shameless she had become, one cannot but bitterly admit that she is extremely cunning at arranging her inheritances. Her slim silhouette would emerge from the horizon aligning at the outskirts of town, in her dusty black coat and a worn brown case, she is as if the definition of mystery itself. Packed in those heavy brims the most exotic of collections, marvels, and slogans written in a foreign tongue, organic cigarettes wrapped in thin ivory, and even once a single boot of silver alligator skin. The crowd, never in their life had seen such wonders, nor that they could ever imagine the existence of a single item Arabella had seen. 

Her fame had made well known of her hotel, for which it was nicknamed “Hotel Arabella” with suspicious intentions. No straight men would live in such a facility in hopes of seeking temporary shelter. But men like me, men who are proud outcasts will indeed rest within the moistly rotten couches and guzzle on the remaining gentleness of sanity with teeth strengthened in unknown hatred. There is no need to justify the positives about Hotel Arabella. My heart beats for the love for Arabella, for the love of life and for every bitter, breath-taking eternity, in which I will escort you through in our journey. 


hunger games – Catching Fire


In the country Panem, there are 12 districts. Each district has to produce two tributes, a boy and a girl, to fight to the death as the punishment of rebelling against the capital 74 years ago. This punishment is called the hunger games, where only a lone victor can arise. In the 74th hunger games, Katniss Everdeen and Peta Melark, both from District 12 fell in love during the games and defied the Capitol by both of them provoking the Capitol that they were going to suicide; so the Capitol would not have a victor. A victor was essential to the capitols citizens, and so they allowed it, making Katniss and Peta indirectly rebelling against the Capitol. In the quote, it says, “District 12 of all places” The background information for this is of the 74 years of hunger games, only four have arrived victorious. District 12 was always considered a harmless weak and pathetic district.

“‘And if a girl from District Twelve of all places can defy the Capitol and walk away unharmed, what is to stop them from doing the same?… What is to prevent, say, an uprising?'” -President Snow, p. 21

I picked this quote because it shows what impact someone can have both in the book and real life. To what I interpret, it says that no matter where you come from or whom you are, you always have the opportunity to make a difference.


Animal farm, by George Orwell is about the dangers of  communism using animals as an example. Major, an old boar, has gathered all the pigs on the farm.Before his death he wanted to share his  wisdom with the other pigs, and translates them into visions and prophecies.

-“These comrades, is the answer to all our problems. It is summer up in a single word – Man. Man is the only real enemy we have.”

-“The man is the only creature that consumes without producing.”


I picked this quote because even though it is in the beginning of the book in my eyes it is one of the most aesthetic moments.  I really enjoyed  the truth behind these words. Why are we standing over pigs, chickens, and cows? What gives us the right to destroy their lives like we do.



That summer in Paris

That summer in Paris

By Morley Callaghan

That summer in Paris is by Morley Callaghan and is a book based about her trip of an adventure and she explain all about his trip and experience there. The upshot of his summer with Hemingway and Fitzgerald was a barrage of alarums and explosions like violent etc..

It can be only done by telling where I was and what I was doing in 1923 when I was twenty and in my second year at collage in Toronto. Five foot eight, with darkbrown curly hair and blue eyes, I was not overweight then. I was fast with my tongue and, under pressure, fast with my fists, but tell me that I moved around rather lazily. At collaged I played football and boxed.

The quote shows all about her, about how she is physically and what she likes to do besides traveling, tells us about what she was doing in her second year of collage and where she lived, she was very strong and she didn’t care about what other people said and, so that’s why se played football and boxed.


The City of Ember

The City of Ember is a book based upon a few instructions that were written by the chief builder of the city. The instructions said that the citizens inhabiting the city of Ember must not leave it for at least two hundred and twenty years.

“Will you trade with me?” Doon asked.

“Trade?” Lina asked.

“Trade jobs. I don’t want to waste my time being a messenger. i want to help save the city, not run around carrying gossip.”

In the city of Ember, the sky was always dark. The only light came from great flood lamps on the tops of buildings and poles. When the lights were off, the city was so dark that people might as well be wearing blindfolds. The citizens used to wonder that someday the lights of the city might go out and never come back on. The graduating students had to draw jobs, the job of a messenger was the most preferred one whereas the job of an electrician’s helper was the least preferred one. Doon got the job of a messenger and wished to trade with his classmate Lina who had the job of an electrician’s helper. I like this quote because it showed the audience that Doon was willing to help the citizens of Ember and end their suffering by improving the light systems. There was an old generator in the pipeworks that he had ideas for.