1st April: IJRE / Stormbreaker

In chapter 13 THE SCHOOL BULLY of Alex Rider Strombreaker the spy Alex was caught and interrogated by Mr Sayle. Alex told that he is from the MI6 and also all the other things that he already knew about Mr Sayle`s stormbreaker. He had to tell the truth about all, because he was threatened by Mr Grin with flying knives. When Alex asked for the reasons for his Stormbreaker attack Mr Sayle said:

… I was mocked and bullied. Because of my size. Because of my dark skin. Because I couldn’t speak English well. Because I wasn’t one of them. (p 183.)

But there was one who was worse than any of them. (p 184)

He grew up to be the bliddy prime minister! (p185)

These statements show how somebody can be angry aggressive and frustrated after he was mobbed in his childhood.

Therefore I think it is important to stop mobbing at all time!