War; the useless slaughter of millions of innocent lives, caused by petty disagreements of those in power. Wars which were fought by brave young men forced to sacrifice their lives for the pride of their country. The profound truth is that wars are rarely won; those who have not died are the only ones considered winners. War is a devastatingly savage and unhuman act; physically and mentally devastating to all involved. The horrors are not only present in life on the frontline but live in the ongoing guilt of the survivors. We forget all too quickly the feelings of those at home, friends and families, and the effects of war on them. The physical impact of war is one of the most terrible things society and humans have ever experienced, the slaughter of innocent man for small areas of land.

Pieces of literature, such as Flanders Fields and Marching Men, give a patriotic perspective on war. They are leading us to believe that fighting for your country is not only a duty but a privilege. Comparing soldiers to god, saying the sacrifice of their lives is something they should not only take pride in but be willing to do. In comparison, literature such as Dulce et Decorum Est, and All Quiet on the Western Front have contrasting views. They show the more truthful and first-hand experience of war.

Remembrance Day is a holiday of great importance, recognizing the sacrifices soldiers willingly and unwillingly made for a more significant cause. The ceremonies we have now celebrate the soldiers and thank them for there braver. We have a minute of silence and poems are usually read. If I were to create a remembrance day ceremony, I would generally keep it the same as Canadas current ceremony with a few minute changes. I would place more focuses on the en humane parts of war, putting stress on what the soldiers went through and how badly it affected a whole generation; along with education on prevention of future conflicts and PTSD. I believe remembrance day should be un militarized as this draws the focuses pro-war and the ceremony should be conveying the opposite, war should not be glorified by a ceremony morning those who have lost there lives due to this cause.