Update: where to buy the book

Good Habits, Good Students was originally published by Llumina Press, but they are going out of business and I have moved the book over to Amazon (under the Aeon Publishing, Inc. imprint), so that’s now the best place to buy. Here is the link to use:

Good Habits, Good Students on Amazon


The Education Genie [book excerpt]

Imagine . . .

It’s your summer holiday, and you’re walking along a beautiful, deserted beach. The wet sand oozes between your toes. The salt breeze blows in your hair. The seabirds run up and down as the waves roll in, then recede.

In the water up ahead, a strange shape catches your eye. […]

2nd edition, revised and expanded, is coming!

I am now working on a second edition of Good Habits, Good Students, which will be updated and expanded, including an entirely new section (more on that, later).

If you are one of my readers and have ideas about what a second edition should include, please share them with me! I want the book […]

Two glowing reviews on Amazon.com

Bob Duffin teaches in Mesa, Arizona. In April of this year he posted the following review of Good Habits, Good Students under the heading, “Advice that can really work”:

I teach mathematics in middle school and am always looking for high quality reference material to help my students develop better academic and personal habits. […]

Inspiration, ambition, motivation

If you are inspired, ambitious, and motivated, acquiring good habits is easy: follow the advice on this web site, and in my book.

But if you lack inspiration, ambition, and motivation, you are unlikely to make the effort needed to acquire good habits.

What to do?

Talk to people who seem to be inspired, […]

“They don’t take notes!”

Today a colleague began talking about his Grade 11 students. “They don’t take notes”, he said in exasperation. “Not a single one of them.” 

Another colleague, overhearing us, joined in. “Isn’t that their problem?” he said. “By Grade 11 they should have figured this stuff out. We shouldn’t have to tell them to take […]

Reviews of ‘Good Habits’

Two educators I greatly respect have written reviews of Good Habits, Good Students and have kindly allowed me to post them here.

Caroline Ellwood was one of the founders of the International Baccalaureate’s Middle Years Programme. She has been a middle school teacher and principal, taught IB Theory of Knowledge, and has been a […]

Free Sample Copies for Review

I now have some copies of Good Habits, Good Students that I can send out to anyone who might be able to write a review, share it with colleagues, consider it for adoption as a textbook, or purchase multiple copies for classroom use.

If you are a

book reviewer educational blogger magazine editor teacher […]

Now on Amazon!

You can now order your copy of Good Habits, Good Students from Amazon in the U.S. and Great Britain.

Update: I’ve added Amazon.ca (Canada), Blackwell’s (U.K.), and Powell’s Books (U.S.) to the list.

For details, check the Where to Buy page.

Released at last!

Good Habits, Good Students: A Complete Guide for Students Who Want to Succeed has been released for sale. Little did I imagine what I was getting myself into a few years ago when I wrote a one-page handout for my students about the good habits they should be cultivating.

No Manhattan release party is […]