Online note-taking apps

This article from reviews eight online note-taking applications that you might find useful.

Of course, an application you like will help. But you still need to know how to take notes—how to organize them, what to write down, what to leave out, how much detail to include—and that takes practice, whether with a […]

Teaching organizational skills

This article aimed at middle-school teachers actually applies pretty well to those teaching high school and upper elementary students as well.

The ideal, of course, would be for all teachers in a school to teach good habits—teachers, talk to your colleagues and principals!

Get organized online:

If paper organizers, homeword diaries, etc., don’t seem helpful, you might give this new online organizer a try. is completely free and multilingual, including versions in several European languages as well as Chinese and Japanese. (If you are a Korean you might volunteer to help create a Korean version of the site.)

I […]