Tofino surfing! March 21st personal writing

On the first few days of spring break my family and I drove up up to Tofino to surf.  We met up with six of my cousins and we all surfed together.  On the first day in the afternoon and the second day in the morning my brother and I had lessons. We were taught how to surf.

Tofino has what you would call a “beach break”. That means that the waves break close to the beach.  Because it was my first time surfing I just surfed the “whitewash” which Is the white-looking water after the wave breaks.

The instructors taught us how to pick the right wave and when to get on the board. They also taught us how to stand up and when to stand up.  We were riding on nine foot boards. Nine foot boards are the easiest to control but very long and easier to nose dive into the water. I did that a couple of times.

The waves were about four to five feet tall from the surface of the ocean.  That is seems very high looking from the beach but good for beginners. A few times I jumped onto my board close to a wave that was about to break on top of me. I tried to keep paddling so it would break behind me. That didn’t work so the wave broke right on my back. My board dove straight down to the bottom and flipped me off. I was sucked into the water and did at least one somersault underneath the surface. That only happened once or twice, other than that I had lots of fun.


Faira Chapter Three: The Call

Chapter 3

The Call

Brook, Riley, Lan and Rick started sprinting back towards the river. A few others were quick to follow them.

“Hold up everyone!” Rupert demanded, “It’s farther away than it sounds. Like Nate has been saying, we have to get to the supply box. We don’t have enough food and water to make it more than a couple more days.”

By this time all of the people that ran were back into the trees again. “Are you sure? One hundred percent sure?” Rick asked Rupert, “One million percent sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Now get back here. If we hear anything else, we can take a different route or defend against it.” Rupert replied in a soothing but impatient tone.

We were on track to head up the hill, but gradually our route shifted around the hill, just in case. Everyone was silent now, other than the odd whisper. We kept up a swift pace.

A gurgling sound came from the hills again. The grass rustled at the top of the hill. We didn’t know what was causing the rustling, everyone assumed it was something dangerous. We kept walking.

The rustling sounded lower on the hill now, closer to us. Now not even a whisper was shared between the crew members. Rupert ducked low and looked around at us, we knew he wanted us to do the same without him even saying anything.

A cackle. The grass started shaking. The rustling was getting too close now. We didn’t know what to do so we just picked up our pace even more until we were in an all-out sprint. The rustling started moving faster towards us.

We couldn’t see what was happening beneath the grass because it was too tall. Lan stopped and pulled his knife out. Talon and I followed. The rest of our group kept running, they didn’t even notice us. More rustling started moving from down the hill, closer to the rest of the group dashing away.

Lan had his hunting knife outwards like a sword, waiting for whatever the rustling was to approach. It stopped. We were frozen in our tracks.

“Oh god.” I heard Lan wheeze. Another curious gurgling sound came a few meters forward. My heart was pounding out of my chest, my head throbbing and my armpits sweating. I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins.

My face must have gone a flush white as a creature about eight feet tall stood up from the grass. Its bony white spine hunched over. Its face was split into three flaps that looked like they might open. It had no eyes but had slimy slits on the side of its head. It had a huge, thick tail. The creature’s skinny arms spread, and its claws extended while it released a cry. I knew at this point whatever it was, it wasn’t something we wanted to stay around with. We all dropped our backpacks on the ground.

Talon let out a scream while he charged forward lunging at the beast. He swiped his knife at the creature, slashing its forearm. It let out a small cry and pulled its arm away. The creatures face stuck out towards Talon and let out another roar before whipping its tail around knocking Talon straight off his feet. He hit the ground tailbone first then head with a thud. That blow was enough to give him a concussion, at least.

“Oh no you don’t!” Lan shouted at the beast. He threw his knife towards his target, but it wasn’t fast enough. It quickly dodged it and then came running for him. It slashed at Lan’s torso causing him to fall. The predator pounced but Lan rolled away just before it landed on him. I was the only defender left and Lan was about to be this animal’s supper.

In a desperate act to save Lan, I picked up a metal chunk I’d found on the ground and flung it at the animal. My aim was better than Lan’s. The metal hit its rib cage. It yelped in pain. The head of the creature moved from looking at Lan to its new target, me. In my peripheral vision I could see Talon was just getting up off the ground. His face a mix of emotions. Angry, determined, tired and sick. His knife was in his hand again.

“Come ‘ere buddy!” I called to the creature. It took up a gallop towards me which turned into a sprint. Talon came running towards the back of the creature unnoticed. He dove onto its back and held on for his life. The beast shook and swayed causing Talon to release his grip on his knife letting it fly towards Lan. I grabbed another chunk from the ground and hurtled it at the creature’s front, making sure to avoid hitting Talon. It collapsed onto the ground for a second, giving Talon just enough time to recover and get back up. It swung its arm at Talons feet again and he fell onto his side again. The beast started pushing itself back up again. I ran towards it and kicked its head back down. It was weak now. It rolled onto its back and let out a cackle. Talon was laying beside it just out of arms reach. He had his eyes closed. He was knocked out cold.

Lan just started to stand up, his shirt tattered, and I could see the scrapes below his shirt. “Lan! We have to carry Talon out of here before it gets up again.” Without any hesitation he put his backpack back on ­– as did I – and wrapped one of Talons arms over his neck. I did the same. We hurried towards where the rest of the group had gone with Talon hoisted up in between us.

We couldn’t see any other members of our group around us. We heard another cackle up ahead and a high-pitched scream. We turned to our left to avoid whatever it was.

“Nate!” A loud but muffled voice was coming from just up ahead. We couldn’t tell who it was, but we followed the sound. “Over here!” Rupert’s head was jutting out of a hole not too far off. When we arrived, we lowered Talon into the hole and Rupert and Olivia carried him further down into the cave. The hole was about as deep as an average stair step, which slowly got deeper the further it went into the small hill. We heard the cackle and scream again from the same direction. Before I could stop him, Lan was dashing towards the sound.

“Lan don’t go!” I yelled, but he didn’t listen. I didn’t have enough energy to go after him anymore. I crawled into the hole and hurried into the area where Talon was dragged off into. “Rupert. Who else is here? What happened?”

“The group split. Liv, Tess and I ran this direction, the rest ran next to the river. I hope they’re okay. Are you okay? What happened to Talon? Where’s Lan?”

“Yes, I’m fine. That monster knocked Talon out cold. We had to carry him back. Lan ran off to go help the others.” I replied in a sad voice.

“We saw a real type A. Huh, I can check that one off my list.” Olivia cut in. Before anyone could say anything, we heard footsteps above us. Tess started walking towards the entrance of the hole, until she noticed it wasn’t human footsteps. It was bigger.

Without anyone even saying anything, everyone scurried to the back wall. I grabbed Talon’s arms and dragged him to the wall. Rupert, Tess and Olivia hid in the shadows and pressed themselves against the rock. The footsteps came to a stop. A gurgling noise. Adrenaline flooded my veins. A huge thud as the same creature from earlier jumped into the hole landing in an aggressive stance, sniffing the air. Its slimy side covered in a bruise and a gash extended down its forearm. Its face opened slightly then closed again. Claws on its arms extended from web-like hands, twitching with eagerness for its next meal. Its head jerked in our direction until its gaze pierced through me. It moved closer. My body enveloped in an icy fear. It took two swift steps then stopped short, tilting its head like a curious and confused dog, eyeing us before letting out a quiet cackle while the slits on its head opened. It whipped its head around and darted out of the cave.

I released the breath I didn’t know I had been holding. We waited for several minutes before anyone worked up the courage to say anything. “I think we’re good to go. Those Raptors should be gone.” Rupert speculated.

“Raptors, eh? Is that what we’re calling them now?” Olivia asked.

“So, what do we do?” Tess asked. “With Talon I mean. And what do we do to catch up with the other group? Anyone?” She shifted her position and rubbed her hands.

“We should leave Talon here with you and Rupert. Liv and I will go find the rest of the crew,” I answered.

“Why Olivia?” Rupert sounded genuinely offended.

“Because Olivia was an ex cop,”

With hesitant steps we made our way to the entrance of the hole and cautiously peered around before stepping out. “ Don’t go anywhere,” Olivia demanded before we started towards the river to find our crew.

Once we reached the river we turned to our left  heading for the last known location of our crew. We walked as swiftly as we could through the grass while keeping our sound at a minimum.

“The scrunched bushes and grass indicate that someone must have fallen here or fought with the creature.” Olivia turned towards me and explained. I could see the old investigator in Olivia coming out of her again.

“There’s some food ­– granola or something on the ground over here. Does that mean anything?” I asked Olivia. She walked over to see what I meant.

“It means whoever left this was smart.” She examined the granola more before saying anything else. “They must have known we would come looking for them. My assessment is, they fought off the Raptor, knew they had to leave before more came, and used the granola to leave a trail so we could find them. Sort of like in Hansel and Gretel.”

“When did Hansel and Gretel leave a  trail of bread crumbs?”

“Never mind. Doesn’t matter.”

“So, we follow it now?”

“There’s nothing else to do.” We followed the crumbs as far as they went. The grass was trampled along the trail from the other’s footsteps. It only spanned about a kilometer or two in length. The day slowly faded into night by the time we reached the end of the trail. We had to search for as long as we could before we lost all daylight. Olivia had suggested that because we had no other option, we should just follow the direction the trail ended in ­– North. Not long afterwards we found a clearing where the grass was short, brown and dead and the ground was cracked. We continued through the glade as long as we could before it grew completely dark. The trees spread out and led into a large open dirt field, bare of plant life.

“Stay here for the night?” Olivia asked me. “It seems like a nice area.”

“One sec.” I had noticed something glinting in the short grassy area next to a tree. Curious, I went to go see what it was. “Olivia. There’s an SHO knife over here, from the surface crew.”

“What?” She started off into my direction.

“Olivia.” My heart dropped. On the tree next to the knife was a hurriedly scribbled carving. One word.


Then the ground began to shake.


I Lost My New Italian Rapier

In the book The Whispering Skull by Jonathan Stroud, two of the main characters, Lucy and Lockwood are on a mission to steal a valued mirror. The mirror is said to be a “window” to the other side (the afterlife). A man named Winkman had the mirror and was going to auction it off until Lucy and Lockwood raided the auction and stole the mirror. As Lucy and Lockwood began running away to the exit, they forgot which way it was and accidentally went to the wrong floor. By this point, Winkman and his guards had almost caught up to them. In a desperate act to escape, Lockwood tells Lucy to climb through the window and onto the roof. When Lucy made it to the roof she heard a cry of pain from someone, before Lockwood made it up to the roof with her.

“Are you alright?” I said. “I thought I heard-”

Lockwood pulled off his mask and smoothed his hair back. He had a small cut on the side of one cheek and was breathing heavily. “Yes, I don’t know who he was, but I expect he deserved it. Unfortunately, when he fell out the window, I lost my nice new Italian rapier.”

This quotation stood out to me because even though it doesn’t say the man actually died, I assume if he fell out the window he would be at least injured. This is the first time in the book it has actually even inferred that someone was just killed. I also like this quote because of the last line. Lockwood & Co. just ordered new Italian rapiers for fighting off ghosts, and that seems to be what Lockwood cares about more than the fact he just pushed someone out of a window. It shows that Lockwood does have a sense of humor, but also doesn’t feel bad for seeking vengeance.


Personal Writing (Mar,13th)

  When people are watching a horror movie, the most fearful moment is actually the happiest moment too, because when people got terrified , their brain releases happy hormones, Thrilling activity, such as riding roller coaster, watching horror movies, playing horror games will let the brain release  Dopamine, it is responsible for conveying exciting and happy information. Hazard warning caused by horror film as the movie ends, the brain will remember this feeling of pleasure, and give rewards to strengthen it. So even the film was scary, the brain will only remember that tension happiness. There is a tissue inside the brain called the “prefrontal lobe”, it’s responsible for judging the behavior of terrorist stimuli, when in a dangerous situation, it will automatically “alert” the brain. There are some people who are not sensitive to the frontal lobe. They are able to distinguish between “true danger” and “imaginary enemy”, so even if they felt scared, they still know that they are very safe. The horror movie gave them a safe environment to experience the thrill of fear, it can help to release depressed emotions.  For me myself, watching horror movies are very fun.


IRJE March 15

The book that I am reading is called N.E.R.D.S. M IS FOR MAMAS BOY. It is a fictional story about a group of people that are known as “nerds” by pretty much everyone at their school. They are spies for the government that are bullied and are classified as “weak” so no one will suspect them as spies. They have used some sort of nanobytes to turn their weaknesses into strengths. The quotation is about some sort of submersible that has a lot of cool features. It is on page 152

Allow me to introduce you all to your vessel, the Muhammad Ali. Floats like a butterfly but stings like a bee.

I like this quotation  because I found it kind of weird and not something that I hear every day.  I think the author means that the “vessel” is quiet and smooth but it has a lot of power.  Originally the last sentence of the quotation was about Muhammad Ali. He was said to be light on his feet and yet had a powerful punch. Muhammad Ali was a famous boxer.




My Personal Writing: My favorite Food

The food I like to eat here in Canada is Burgers, Fries, Nuggets, Pizza, Spinach, and green pasta. Those are favorite foods that I like to eat here in Canada that I like. The food that I like to eat in Japan is sushi, fried rice, fried noodles, and sushi rice. Those are the food that like in Japan. I now have different types of food to eat in North America and Asia which is pretty cool.


Jurassic Park: The Beach

In the third chapter of Michael Crichton’s Novel “Jurassic Park” a person named     Marty Guitierrez went down to the beach of Cabo Blanco, near the spot where     the lizard had bitten Tina. He thinks about the recent reports of lizards   attacking that have attacked other people and he also thinks that Basilisk     lizards aren’t normally violent killers. He concludes that perhaps deforestation   has driven previously of unknown species of lizards. As he was leaving the   beach, he notices a howler monkey eating a green and brown-striped lizard. He   retrieves the carcass and concludes that he will send it to Dr. Simpson, who   works Columbia University.



IRJE Mar 15

At this time, I am reading a book by Rick Riordan called; Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard book three. In this book there are six main characters; Magnus, Blitzen, Jack, Hearthstone, Samirah, and Alex. In this story these five characters are tasked with the mission of travelling to the land of the giants, in order to stop an evil God, Loki, from starting Ragnarok (Norse doomsday). On the way to stopping Loki four of the six members of the group have to go to Hearthstone’s dad who was transformed into dragon with acidic blood who’s only weakness is its stomach by a cursed ring. The reason they have to go to Hearthstone’s dad is because he has a special magic item that the group needs.  When they are scouting out the dragon’s cave and divising a plan to kill the dragon, the book says:

“I could strike from beneath” I said “Right into his heart.”

Jack’s runes glowed an angry scarlet, “That’s a terrible idea! You’ll get showered with dragon’s blood!”

The reason I chose this quote is because I think that it is very brave of Magnus to volunteer to kill the dragon that has acidic blood that may spray in him. I think this is another good way to show Magnus’s personality.


I’m sick of all this

In the Outsiders, by S.E.  Hinton, chapter 7, He tells Ponyboy all about Bob, the boy Johnny killed, and explains that he is too sick of the fighting and cruelty to take part in it anymore. He wants to run away, but Ponyboy says that will not help. He is seeing Randy with some level of empathy now, and he says he would help if he could. After this conversation, Ponyboy lights a cigarette and thinks about how good it is to know that the people on the other side are human beings too.

“I’m sick of all this. Sick and tired. Bob was a good guy. He was the best buddy a guy ever had. I mean, he was a good fighter and tuff and everything, but he was a real person too.”

I choose this quotation, because it makes you think about how all people are the same, even though they are in different social groups, they are all the same.


The last week

With spring break coming up, it is normal to think that the last week of school before vacations will be no other than ordinary. I guess I was wrong.

Short after winter break my past roommate left me, since then I have enjoyed the pleasure of having a room for myself. However this upcoming week I’m facing a challenge, one of the day students in my class is temporarily staying at my room. First I was shocked, I was afraid, and honestly I’m still afraid of the things that may go wrong, but then something occurred.

Yesterday was his first night at the dorms and before falling asleep, him and I had a conversation. We talked about different things: sports, girls, what we like and dislike, etc. As the conversation continued, I felt like I got to know him more. I felt satisfied at the end, there has been a long time since the last time I had a night conversation and it felt nice. This last week is going to be interesting.


Why some people like to watch horror movies?

When you are watching a horror movie, usually the most fearful moment is your happiest moment too, because when people are scared, their brain releases happy hormones, Thrilling activity, such as riding a roller coaster, watching horror movies, playing horror games will let the brain release  Dopamine, it is responsible for conveying exciting and happy information. Hazard warning caused by horror film as the movie ends, the brain will remember this feeling of pleasure, and give rewards to strengthen it. So even the film was scary, the brain will only remember that tension happiness. There is a tissue inside the brain called the “prefrontal lobe”, it’s responsible for judging the behavior of terrorist stimuli, when in a dangerous situation, it will automatically “alert” the brain. There are some people that are not sensitive to the frontal lobe. They are able to distinguish between “true danger” and “imaginary enemy”, so even if they felt scared, they still know that they are very safe. The horror movie gave them a safe environment to experience the thrill of fear it can help to release depressed emotions.  For  me myself, watching horror movies are very fun.


Shut up about last night

In the Outsiders, by S.E Hinton, chapter five, When Ponyboy wakes up, he keeps his eyes closed and tries to pretend he is still back at home with his brothers. After a while, he face the reality and opens his eyes. the church is empty, and note says Johnny has gone to buy supplies. Ponyboy sits alone and feels increasingly spooked by his situation and surroundings until Johnny returns.

“Shut up about last night! I killed a kid last night. He couldn’t of been over seventeen or eighteen, and i killed him. How’d you like to live with that?”[74]

I choose this quotation, because it represents a large part of the story.



In Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney, Manny which is Greg’s little brother, swallows a thread, and his mom is trying to find out which thread he swallowed. Manny is a brat like brother which snitches on Greg, which is the main character. In my opinion he is very annoying but a good addition to the story.

Mom brought Manny over to the kitchen table. Then she put a seed, a raisin, and a grape on a plate and told Manny to point to the thing that was the closest size to the piece of thread he swallowed.

I like this quote becuase of the bizarre food items the mother used to determine which piece of thread Manny swallowed. I also like it because I don’t think someone would use a raisin, a grape, and a seed to figure out what size the piece of thread was. If I was the mother I would have used non food items which where all the same shape. I like how the author of this book always comes up with bizarre scenarios. I like how he does his books like that. It always makes me want to keep reading the next page, and it makes the book more fun.



Faira Chapter Two: The Forest

Chapter 2

“What was that?” Brook asked, afraid of the answer. “Could it be aliens?”

“Let’s not jump to conclusions. Who knows? Maybe they could have all just lost power.” Tess reassured, although she knew she wasn’t right.

“Seems like a pretty big coincidence.” Flint said.

“Flint’s right,” Rupert began, “We shouldn’t make any assumptions, but we should be cautious just in case. Remember, we don’t know much about this planet. It could just be that a chemical or material near us jammed our devices.”

Every body’s face was pale with fear and panic. They all looked at me for reassurance, but I couldn’t provide any. Instead, I just directed them to continue eating, “Everyone calm down. We don’t know anything. Keep eating and then we’ll try to cram in a few more kilometers before it’s too dark.”


They all continued eating but didn’t calm down. Whispers were shared between people – probably about why our devices stopped working. After we were all finished, we put our biodegradable HMP bags underneath the soil, grabbed our bags and started walking into the forest.

The trees in the forest were a short distance apart. We had to dodge through the gaps between tree stumps to get anywhere. The grass around us was up to our knees which made it incredibly difficult to get anywhere.

Because our Locater stopped working, we had to use our compasses to stay on track with the supply box.

A couple of kilometers in, we stopped for water and checked our devices to see if they worked. “My Locater still isn’t working. Is anybody’s lamp working?”  I asked the crew. They all unzipped their bags and took out their lanterns. One by one they all pushed the on switch. Nothing.

“Could we try new batteries?” Tess asked me.

“Sure,” I opened my backpack and reached in to find the fresh AA batteries. When I plugged the new batteries into my locater, it failed to light up. Nor did it work for the lanterns.

“Isn’t that just great.” Flint remarked in a low growl.

“I really don’t understand!” Rupert started in a curious voice, “I don’t know of any natural elements or compounds that could drain the power, or shut down all devices near it. It could be some type of EMP blast, but not even the technology we have today can damage that many secure devices in such a large range. I really don’t know what to say to you all about this.” He sounded stressed in his last couple of sentences. Something was clearly on his mind and I knew it wasn’t anything good.

“Let’s not get too worked up about this.” I comforted, “We should just check in every once and while to see if they work. For now, let’s just keep walking. We still have about twenty-two kilometers to go. And at this rate, we won’t get there for a couple of days.”

We started off further into the woods, now even more afraid of what we might find. My legs brushed against the plants across the ground, scraping my shins and calves. We continued following our compass towards the direction of the supply box. The tress gradually began to spread out allowing for easier travel. Every so often we would check for our signal with the Omega, but never got one.

“So, what is our plan exactly?” Olivia inquired.

“We make it to the supply box, meet the rest of zone four surface crew and build our temporary research facility.” I replied.

“And what if we run into… other life.”

“We won’t.” Talon stated even though he didn’t know if he was right.

“Actually, it’s very likely we will see other life forms.” Rupert pushed, “With all of the sightings, I would say there has to be more creatures around us. Because we’re in such a plant filled biome, there are probably herbivores and maybe carnivores.”

“Well that definitely makes me feel better.” Olivia sneered while stepping over log.

“Hey, you asked.”

Personally, I knew we were going to run into some form of other life eventually. We had already seen some, and there were multiple sightings. It seemed inevitable. And as it turned out, I was right.

“Speaking of other life,” Lan said as he pointed towards a rock just ahead of us. “Do rocks normally walk around? Cause that one just did.”

“What?” Brook gasped. “What do you mean?” She started walking in the opposite direction. Olivia, who was right in front of her, had to grab her to keep Brook from running away. “Let go!”

“Brook, it’s okay.” Rupert tried calming her down in a soothing tone, “Because it has the ability to camouflage, it’s probably just an herbivore type D.”

“I’m not going anywhere near that thing until you know for sure.”

Even though it was not protocol to approach an extra-terrestrial, Rupert was confident in his belief that it was only a type D. Type Ds weren’t harmful at all. Unless of course, they are huge animals who tend to accidentally stomp on humans. He started towards the rock and threw his sun hat off towards us.

“Rupert don’t go anywhere near that–” but it was too late. He was already kneeling beside it. He opened his backpack up and took out a glove.

“Somebody do something!” Talon yelled.

“Why don’t you stop him yourself?” Flint jabbed while throwing his hand up into the air.

“Because I’m not getting anywhere near that thing.” His voice sounded anxious.

At this point, Rupert had already put on gloves and began to touch the backside of the alien gently. When that didn’t do anything, he pushed harder. “This is a thick exoskeleton. No animal on earth has any exoskeleton like this – at least that I know of. Lan, are you sure this isn’t just a rock?” As he stood up to walk back towards us, the animal stood up on its feet and began walking away.

“See for yourself.” Lan replied. The animal’s shell turned green to blend with the ground as it started walking on its four paws. It was big – about a meter in diameter. Two peach colored antennae stuck out of its front that wiggled around often against the plants next to it. It couldn’t move very fast, but when Rupert approached it again, it sunk back into its rock formation and turned a dark grey again.

“That’s amazing.” Rupert was in shock, “I can’t believe how well this animal has adapted. No predator can find it because of its advanced camouflage. And even if it could, it couldn’t attack the thing, because it can just sink to the ground and hide beneath its rock-hard exoskeleton.”

“What should we do with it?” Olivia asked him in a loud voice to overpower the other conversations.

“Just leave it and keep walking. If I had my mini-camera I could photograph it, but it broke during dinner, and it’s too dark anyway.”

“We should keep walking and search for an open place to rest for the night.” I realized we had been walking for over two hours, it was probably past 8:00 by now. We were losing light quickly, and if we didn’t hurry up, we would have to stay sleeping in the trees. My message seemed to remind everyone of how tired they were, because they were all walked faster in hope of getting to be soon.

Luckily after about ten minutes of walking, we found a break in the forest, and decided to break for the night there. I set down my bag and stuck my hand into it, searching blindly for my tent. When I found it, I struggled to pull it out, but eventually did. Rupert came by to help set up the tent with me. We took out the main part and set it across the ground over a fairly grassy area to avoid rocks. After we had erected it with the poles, – which was difficult from the lack of light– we stuck the fly over it, and crawled inside for the night. Each tent only had enough space for two people, so Rupert and I shared it.

I shut my eyes and almost immediately, my mind blanked out and I drifted off into a hazy sleep.


*          *         *


I awoke the next morning to a cold sensation in my arms. My mind was groggy and my ears warm from my soft toque. I rubbed my eyes and sat up straight expecting to see Rupert beside me sleeping. He was gone – probably sketching the plants and environment or eating an HMP breakfast. I pulled my light blue sleeping bag down my legs so I could get out of it. The cold sensation attacked my legs. I put on a pair of thick sweat pants to keep myself warm. When I unzipped the tent door, Flint, Rupert, Liv and Brook were sitting on a log eating HMPs and chatting.

They must not have noticed me because they didn’t say anything to me at all. I slipped my shoes on and walked towards my backpack.

“Oh, hey Nate,” Rupert acknowledged me, “Sleep well?”

“Yeah, not too bad. It’s cold in the mornings here.”

“Probably because of the trees surrounding us, less heat from the sun reaches us.”

The HMP I grabbed was a raisin oatmeal. I poured some SHO water into it, and waited. It took longer than usual, because there was barely any sunlight. By the time it was done, the others had all woken up and started making their breakfast. Flint, Brook and Liv packed up the tents for us while we ate. We got out of camp surprisingly quick since I woke up. It couldn’t have been more than an hour since I woke.

Today we were all smart enough to wear boots to avoid getting muddy, and had small hunting knives at the ready to cut branches or plants if need be.

We followed our compass South-West, we probably only had about fifteen kilometers left if I was right. If we made it fast enough, we could get there in a day or two. Once we made it into the woods, we heard a cawing from an animal nearby. Everybody stopped and looked behind them – towards the noise. I didn’t see anything.

“Did you guys hear that?” Lan asked, “It sounded like an animal.”

“It sounds like it’s coming from that way.” Brook pointed towards where we came from. “Rupert, is it dangerous?”

“I can’t tell from here. A call like that doesn’t seem like a predator call. It’s hard to say – we should just keep walking. We can’t get distracted by all the wildlife around.  I wish I had my mini-camera right now though, we could be studying some of these creatures.”

I didn’t talk to anybody on our hike. I got bored so I started counting each step I took, staring at the ground. On the land beneath me there were numerous stones and pieces of metal. Colorful twigs laid among the ground. I saw some small bugs and Rupert did as well, but didn’t care as much now that he didn’t even have his mini-camera. Every so often I would see a tree that stood out from the rest. They had straight trunks that were somewhat thin, about half a foot in diameter. At the top some long bushy leaves drooped down along the trunk.

I looked behind me to see what the rest of my crew was up to. Lan had his notepad out writing down landmarks, and which way we made turns. I assumed this was to make for an easier travel back to Lander forty-two if we had to.

Rupert also had a notepad out, but it was for sketching the plants and animals instead of taking directions.

Riley was knelt beside a flower inspecting it. When she realized she was straggling, she quickly stood up and jogged back to the group. Riley was always very shy. Being only twenty years old, she was by far the youngest of the crew.

Everyone else was chatting with each other about mixed topics.

We had been travelling for over an hour now, and most of us looked tired so we stopped for a short water break in a small opened area in the trees. I opened a small sized mint SHO energy bar and started to eat that while everyone else rested. After I finished my snack, we decided to head for the supply box again.

Only a few minutes later, we ran into a river. It flowed in between the trees and was only about a meter or two wide. It ran down as far as I could see, and came from a hill not too far off. Along it were some rocks that the water sloshed against. It didn’t look too deep, maybe ankle deep.

“Hey guys! Land ho!” Rick yelled as he approached the river.

“Your supposed to say that when you reach land not water, idiot.” Olivia jabbed.

“Hey, guys don’t touch the water yet.” Rupert said in a calm voice, “I have to test the water for chemicals, poisons and all that. It should only take a couple minutes.” Rupert, being our environmental safety expert of our crew, among other things, had the responsibility of checking water, and testing the danger of organisms.

He opened his backpack and took out a bottle of RPCD or radiation, poison, and chemical danger test strips. He approached the side of the river, leaving his backpack near me. Rupert was very careful not to touch any of the water when he stuck the test strip in for five seconds and then shook it around in the air. He held it up to the bottle comparing the colors on the strip to the colors for hazards on the bottle.

“Clear for radiation. Clear for poison, but has a high amount of chemicals. Particularly…” he took out the little piece of paper the bottle came with and compared the test strip colors. “Traces of rhodium.”

“What does that mean for us?” Talon asked.

“You can’t touch it, or drink it without a RPCD water filtration device. If you touch it, it may cause skin irritation or staining and if you drink it, well it won’t be good for you.”

“The supply box is across it, so we should try to cross it with the rocks.” I told everyone.

I was the first to step across the rocks. The first rock was the biggest, but was covered in water and a slimy orange plant. I carefully stepped onto it and reached my right foot out for the next. My left foot followed. There was only one more rock between me and the other side, so I bent my knees and jumped to the land. I looked back at the rest of the crew and cheekily bowed for them.

Flint was next and Riley was last. Once we had all made it across, we walked into the forest again.

Just behind the first layer of trees was a hill with only droopy leaf trees on it – which were much sparser than the other trees. The conversations stopped for a moment and everybody groaned at the sight of it.

“Come on!” Rick exclaimed while falling to the ground and laying on his back.

We must have disrupted the wildlife around us. Rupert’s face went pale – which is never a good sign –  as a horrible, monstrous roar pierced the air. It was coming from the hills.


Personal Writing

On the weekend I went skiing with Alex, and Cameron. We are all experienced skiers, and can do almost everything at Mount Washington. Cameron skis with his parents every week end, and is very very good. He can literally ski anything, and knows the entire mountain.

Alex and I went up 2 days early, and got one extra day of skiing. We stayed up at a hotel called Old House. It is a very nice hotel, and we have a time share on it. Alex and I would watch Tv, when we got back from skiing.

The first day I went skiing was just with Alex, and we did not know the mountain very well so we stayed on the blacks which we knew would lead back to the chair lift. We still went on some hard runs but they were all on the front side of the mountain. The backside is a place where you can easily get lost if you do not know where you are going.

The second day Cameron showed up, and the school did. We were skiing with Cameron and went on some super hard runs. It was really fun, and we learned new places to go while were skiing. I love skiing but Immostly lie emit when I am with my friends.


School ski trip

This weekend I went on the school ski trip on Saturday and skied the day before with Brandon. On the ski trip I mostly skied with Brandon and Cameron, but I sometimes skied with Coen and some other kids from my class.  Camron has been skiing at Mt. Washington since he was three Andrew knows pretty much all of the runs.  He took Brandon and I up the boomerang chair and took us on some double black runs. Double blacks are the hardest rated runs on the mountain. Brandon also taught me how to do a three sixty on the ground.

Those runs were definitely difficult but I didn’t fall! I improved so much during the ski trip. Before it I usually instead of ‘carving’ the runs I was ‘hockey stopping’.  Now I almost never ‘hockey stop’ which is good. Also I got more comfortable on harder runs because I did them before.



Charlotte’s Web

All the animals on the farm were concentrated in Wilbur’s pigsty. The main content of the meeting was how to prevent Wilbur from being killed by Mr. Zuckerman. The goose said that let Charlotte write the words “great” and “Glossy”  on the spider web. While other animals are sleeping, Charlotte has woven on the web with the sticky lines of the words “great” and “glossy”, the next morning Mr. Zuckerman, hen the employee Levi sent Wilbur for breakfast, he found another miracle, so he called Mr. Zuckerman. The strength of Charlotte’s overnight weaving net was not in vain, because Mr. Zuckerman and Mrs. Zuckerman were already thinking about not kill Wilbur.


“Your mind is like a water, my friend, when it’s agitated, it becomes difficult to see, but if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear.”


Global Warming

Now, if you are reading this you probably saw the title and thought, “Boring.” Well the truth is this is not about global warming. I put that there because I felt like it. You’re probably now confused, which probably means that your brain is still functioning properly.

You are also probably wondering what this story is about. It is about the fact that Mount Everest is 29,002 feet tall, and that only a handful of people have made the climb to the top and survived.

If you are still reading this you will, in a moment, gain a secretly guarded piece of information. In the mean time I will show some poetry I made uniquely:

Roses are red, violets are blue, I don’t know what to write about so I’m saying this to you.

Now for the secret info: I am writing this article to provide a solution to all the grade eight students who realize: “there’s a personal writing thingy coming up and I have no idea what to write about.” If you are in this predicament then you can follow these quick (but secretive) steps:

Step one: Think of some random topic for example Global Warming and put it as your title. This will encourage you into thinking, “Alright I’m started!” Instead of, “Why does the colour white represent blank?” or “What would happen if I put Enter Title Here as my title?”

Step two: Ramble. This will draw people in so they focus on a certain part. Then talk about intelligent but boring stuff so the people, who are now focused, are like, “who cares” and they don’t read your sad excuse for a personal writing.

The third step is: To add lot’s of “enters” so if someone does end up reading your work it looks longer than it actually is.

The fourth step which next to last and probably most important: Make sure to post the assignment around three to five days early and hope that it gets buried under everyone else’s personal writings, so that Mr.MacKnight ignores it.

[Invisible text]> The final step is: If you want your writing to look longer with the word count as well as with all the extra enters you put in, Just switch the print colour to white and spam a bunch of words. <[Invisible text].

[Invisible text]> Coen, those tricks will never work. —Mr. MacKnight.<[Invisible text].


God’s plan

On Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe, Robinson is recovering from being ill. He has to go hunting for something to eat, but he is too weak to carry his gun, so he just sits there. While he is sitting, thoughts about God come to his mind. He thinks about God’s possible existence and if he is aware of everything in the universe, why does he lets Robinson suffer.

“And if nothing happens without his knowledge, he knows that I am here, and I am in this dreadful condition; and if nothing happens without his appointment, he has appointed all this to befall me.” [p. 89]

This moment in the book reminds me to a scene at the book Night, by Elie Wiesel, in which Elie is standing at the death camp thinking on God, and how God can know about all the people’s suffering at the camps and still lets it happen.

I also think about this sometimes. I realize that in there are many people suffering at this moment, many people that may be passing through horrible disasters. And st times I wonder, if there is a God watching for us, then why is this happening, is this part of God’s plan?


A Ghost or A Human?

In the book Lockwood & Co. by Jonathan Stroud, Lockwood and his company have been asked to search for a missing haunted mirror alongside another company called Fittes. Lockwood and Quipps (a member of Fittes) have never liked each other. Recently they have made a competition for the case even though they aren’t supposed to. Whomever can find the mirror first gets the other company to write and ad in the news for the winner. For Lockwood’s team to find the mirror they have travelled to an old home they think might lead to some clues about the mirror without Fittes knowing. While exploring the house they think they may have run into a ghost so they pull their rapiers out when…

“I plucked out my flashlight and switched it full on, illuminating Lockwood in mid attack position, the point of his rapier inches from Quill Kipps throat.” (p. 249)

I really enjoyed this quotation because I never would have guessed Kipps and his friends would be in the house. It also mentioned earlier in the book that the Fittes agency wouldn’t know about the house before Lockwood, but apparently that was wrong. The quotation is one of those huge coincidences in a book — they were both there at the same time and knew about the house.



     In the second chapter of Michael Crichton’s Novel, “Jurassic Park“, is when Mike Bowman’s daughter “Tina” was taken to the hospital after being bitten by a mysterious lizard. A doctor named “Dr. Cruz” took  care of Tina when she puts a plastic flap of an oxygen tent around Tina as she slept. “Dr. Cruz” also spoke really good English and she trained really hard at Medical Centers in London and Baltimore.


When Mike had first reached Tina, she was screaming hysterically. Her whole left arm was bloody,  covered, with a profusion of small Bites, each the size of a thumbprint. (15)





Mar 1 IRJE

At this time I am reading a book by Rick Riordan called Magnus Chase book 3. In this book there are 5 main characters; Magnus, Blitz, Hearth, Sam, and Alex. What the characters have to do in this story is go to a different world (Jotunhiem) to stop an evil god from starting Ragnarok (norse doomsday). On the way to Jotunhiem the characters encounter an evil sea god named Aegir. When they encounter Aegir he says:

“Guests! Come! Join us for mead and food”[pg.88]

I chose this quote because it shows how dumb some things in this book are. For example here there is an evil god inviting his enemies for some dinner as if they were old friends.


The queen

My new book is about the heart queen when she was young before Alice adventures in wonderland what is happening is really interesting she is a happy girl so far I don’t understand how she became mean but I will figure it out they are at the kings dance and everyone is supposed to wear black and white but Catherine (the main character) wore  a beautiful striking red dress so everyone was impressed even she got the kings attention and they danced together after, everyone was good until the joker came to the castle to attack.


The Wizard of Fire

Once upon a time there was a Wizard named Syru. He was strong, mighty, and most of all he was handsome. All thought this hero was so amazing there were still opponents which he was not strong enough to beat.

The year 718 in the world of Fiore Syru is not quite a Wizard yet, In fact he is still a baby. He was born in the year 718 August 8. When he was born he  appeared to be glowing with a fine bright light. This world is a world full of different types of magic. Magic is used as a tool to most. It helps people light their fires, and it operates there cars. Some people use magic differently tho, and those people are wizards.

Wizards are people who use magic to fight off dangerous beast and protect the towns. Anyone can be a wizard, it’s just the fact of if you want to be one. Wizards don’t get paid a lot, so that’s why a lot of people don’t become them, it’s also dangerous. However wizards fight off Dangerous beast and get rare gems and things like that from them. The top wizards make a lot of money because of how much treasure they collect.

Our story begins in the year 734 when Syru is 16. Syru was blessed with the power of fire. Fire is one of the rarest magics, and is very strong. Syru wants to be a Wizard and now that he is 16 he can finally become one. If he wants to be one he has to prove his strength at a contest. This contest is held once a year, and if you win the contest you can either become a wizard or take a prize of 10,000 gems. Syru will of course take the former.

To be continued


What’s more important: being healthy or having lots of money?

  I think being healthy is more important if you are unhealthy and die young, you won’t have time to spend the money. But if you have a healthy body, you can earn for a living at least at least. Happiness does not only appear for rich people . There is a kind of poor happiness too. I feel that being healthy and happy is more important. But usually the thing you don’t have, you will think it’s more important. Money is more important when you are poor, and health is more important when you are sick. You can earn money when you are healthy. Some people say money can buy health, because you can pay a doctor to restore your health, but if you stay healthy, you won’t need to go to the doctor at all.


Skyscrapers, And Go By Floors: March 1st IRJE

The book that I am reading is called No Slam Dunk by Mike Lupica.  It is about as you might have guessed, basketball.  It is about a twelve year old boy named Wes. He is one of the best players on his team. The quotation is about the tallest player in the league and Wes’s team is playing against him.  The guy named E (short for Emmanuel) is a friend of Wes.

‘Now E whispered to Wes, “Not sure they even measure that guy in feet and inches. More like they do with skyscrapers, and go by floors.” E looked around as if he were scared and whispered to Wes, “I want my mommy.”’

I chose this quotation because the two friends are nervous about the tall guy. E made a funny joke by saying that the tall guy is so tall that he is measured the same way as skyscrapers, with floors.  The tall guy will be a challenge for Wes’s team because he will get every rebound and score a lot of points.


Un happy king 2 (personal writing)

The next day the king woke up determined to find true happiness,so he started searching for the happy servant, he looked all over the palace until he found him he was once again mopping the floor while he sings and does a little dance the king once again stared at him curiously and when the servant realized he was been observed he stops and almost if he was afraid asks “Can I help you your majesty?”

to what the king replies “I don’t know but I’m willing to figure it out.”

then the king took the servant with him to ask him some questions and getting to know the man…


More than a grade

When you go to school you face many assignments and responsibilities given by  the teachers or any other figure of authority, to those who, depending on what you en up doing, get qualified with a system of grades, many people care more about the grades than the process in between, which leads them to only do what is going to be qualified and sometimes they end up doing mediocre works as long as they finish it.

I think that the importance of school is learning good work habits for the future, simple things as things like handing a work on time or add some extra features to your document/presentation leave a lot to say about your student profile towards the teachers, also if you are known as a responsable student people will will know they can rely on you for certain tasks, instead of being avoided on group projects. Being a responsable person does not mean you have to avoid social activities, this is the time when you have to be most balanced between being a working person and socially active person, being able to communicate with people is a skill as important as managing your time would be. Some people use the phrase “don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today”, this is very true and I can tell by experience, it is really satisfying to en all your tasks early so you can have more time for yourself with out being under pressure, it also avoids work accumulation.

At the it is not completely assured that if you do this you will be more successful, but it increases your chances on a big scale. You don’t have to be perfect, because perfection is un existent, it all depends in your goals and if the work you did reaches your standards of satisfaction.



Personal Writing – The trip that changed our life (Ch.2)

    Chapter 2 – Starting the true trip

“Ok, we will try to find your friend.” one of policeman said.

“Thanks, however, is there anything that we can help you guys?” I asked.

“Yes. You guys will know the path to Justin’s house from the playground. Right?” The policeman asked.

“We know the path. But from his house and playground is straight so there is no way he would get lost.” Patricio said.

“Hmm, but we still want you guys to follow us,” The policeman said.

“Sure,” we said.

So we started walking to Justin’s house. At that moment, Justin called us.


“You guys coming?” Justin asked.

“Yep, we are trying to find you. Can you tell more specifically around you?”

“I said it already. I only can see big trees around me.”

“This is impossible. There is no place near here that you can ‘only’ see trees.” Patricio said.

“You are correct. At least 3km radius from here, have buildings nearby.” Policeman said.

“What sort of tree is it?” I asked.

“I never saw those trees before. I am not sure if I should say trees. It just looks like one tree.”

“First, we will tell your parents that you are lost,” I said.


“I will hang up now.”

“Ok, bye.”


“There is no place around here like that,” Patricio said it again.

“Then where would he be at?” I asked.

“How about we just walk to playground from his house? Maybe we could see something?” Policeman said.

We arrived at Justin’s house. I told his parent that Justin was missing, and said we are still finding him. After, we started heading to the playground again.

“Here, this place looks quite strange. Here should be flat here but look at the middle.” I said.

There was a hole in the middle.

“Maybe, here? I think Justin might go down here.” Patricio said.

“So, you mean let’s go in?” I asked.

“We have no option. We gotta find him quickly.” Patricio said.

“Fine, come after me.” The policeman said.

So we went down the hole.


“Can you listen to me?”