Tales of Captain Gorrilla: Fear the Hungering Deep (Part 2)

Then it happened. With out any advice of preparation the ship was hit by something. The crew fell into the floor, supplies were all over the deck, you could see cannon balls rolling all over the place; liquor bottles broken,  everything everywhere except for their place. The hit was so violent even one guy fell from the crow’s nest into the water, never to be seen again. The source of this impact was a mystery.

Some thought it had been a rock, that seemed like the most logic option, but Captain Gorrilla had other beliefs.

“Do you think it was a whale my Captain?” asked John Paul.

“No, something bigger.” Answered Gorrilla as he stood up. He took out his telescope and started to look around to see if there was anything that could explain the violent hit. He then saw something that would paralyze him for a moment, turning his worst thoughts into a reality, it was a fin of what looked like a giant shark coming right at them.

“Incoming attack!” He screamed as hard as his voice would allow, alerting all the crew into what was coming.

“Prepare cannons, and angle the sails for max speed! Today will not be the end for us boys.” He took his sniper ant pointed into the fin as it approached.

The crew was fast to take the cannon balls from the lower decks and load the cannons, those not in charge of the cannons pointed their guns to the giant fin.

“To my signal!” He screamed. From the water then rose a giant mouth, full of teeth sharp as a diamonds, ready to take a bite at the side of the ship.

“Fire!” A big round of cannon balls were fired towards the beast, some hit the spot and some failed, but they didn’t stop the monster from impacting  the ship. Men fell into the water, parts of the ship were blown apart. This time the hit was even worse.

“On team repair and one team bail the water out! Don’t let this ship sink.”

The same cycle repeated three more times, each one of them taking the life of more men. Captain Gorrilla was desperate, he couldn’t believe that his ship once again was falling victim of the attack of a ginormous creature. He was fearing the moment one of his men would shout “There are no more planks”, that would mean the end, all the treasure raided for nothing. Would this really be the end of his legendary life.

Then it occurred to him…  (to be continued)


Today’s movie

This movie has the same plot as the story “Romeo and Juliet”, but different time. It has music as the background during most of the movie, the music helped when there’s people fighting, dancing, or singing, but didn’t got interested when the characters are singing with the music (personal thoughts). We are about half way through the movie, I think the director or the screenwriter is very smart on making the sides of local Americans and “foreigners”, because Racial discrimination is a problem that every audiences will know that is serious.


Shawnigan Lake #2

With the small number of students, but a bigger space in Shawnigan Lake. All the Classroom is also larger, on average is about twice time the size in Westshore. Especially, the art room/maker space, in Shawnigan Lake, there is two art room, both of them is even bigger than all the art room in here. Also, in the basement of the Academic Building, there is Computer Lap, with properly “real computer”. instead of using Chrome Book. In the top of the Building is where the Library located, the size of the Libray is almost the same size as the dining hall in Westshore, and for sure more book, novel…etc then the “Resources Room” in here.


Forgetting phones

As we know, Brooke’s west shore now has a new policy which makes you place your phone in a bucket placed in the classroom. I understand the reason for this, but my understanding of it does not change the fact that it is extremely annoying.

The reason I say it’s annoying is because people are forgetting their phones, and it is making people more addicted to their phones out of school.I also do not understand why they did not do this sooner.

I have forgotten my phone in the bucket otwice so far. My friend on the other hand has forgotten it countless times. Once he forgot his phone 3 times in 2 days. There was this one time where I saw his phone in the phone bucket, and wondered to myself if he would forget it. As you probably guessed he did. I took his phone and gave it to him later.

I understand how it is the responsibility of the students to grab their phone after class, but we should at least have the bucket at the exit, so we don’t forget.


Faira Chapter 5 2/3

When we reached the forest again, we took a breather, and patched up Liv’s scratches. And then we were off. If we didn’t get back by sundown the crew would be worried, so we knew we had to hike at a fast pace.

“Nate,” Olivia started, “I’ve just had this burning question on my mind, but it might sound really stupid.”

“Ok, shoot.”

“Well, you know when I jumped into the metal pit?”


“I felt weightless. I felt like I was floating. Almost like when you’re on a roller coaster ride right when you go off a drop. And it was amazing. Was it just me?”

“What are you asking exactly?”

“Was I floating? What was so special about that pit?”

“Are you asking if you floated in the pit?” I gave a light chuckle, but then remembered where we were and all our previous events. “I guess it’s not entirely impossible. But, if the whole planet’s mass is what makes gravity exist, then why would that pit change anything?”

“I don’t know Nate; we should ask Rupert. But this is just another example of why we need to be so careful out here. We know nothing about this planet. All the life on Faira was here before us. We came in and messed everything up. We aren’t supposed to be here, Nate. They never wanted us here. We should’ve known better than to stray so far.”

“What the–.” Olivia didn’t even finish her sentence. We had been walking for some hours now, watching the wildlife and our backs.

“What?” I asked her.

“Come here.” She was a few paces behind me, so I walked back to her. “Check it out.” She pointed to some small grey pole with strips of light around it. “What is it?”

“I have no clue.” I took a quick sketch, keeping Rupert in mind. “Is it natural?”

“Maybe this is the stupid hunk of junk blocking our devices.” As if she had just come to a realization, she repeated herself, “Maybe… this is the stupid hunk of junk blocking our devices.”

She whistled as she picked up a piece of metal and started waltzing over to the pole.

“Woah, woah, woah. What are you doing?”

“I’m gonna get rid of this thing, Nate.”

“No, you aren’t.” She lifted her hand to throw the metal at the ring, but I shot my arm out in front of her to block it.

“Nate! Let me do it. What if this is blocking our devices?”

“And what do you think the chances of that are?” She pushed my arm away and pushed me away with her foot.

She lifted her arm, as if she were going to throw it at the pole. “What am I doing?” She stopped for a second, “I don’t feel so well.” Her hand dropped the piece of metal to the ground, she fell to one knee. “I feel sick.” She got back up onto both feet and jumped at me, knocking me to the ground.

“What are you doing?” But before she could say anything, she was out cold.


My weekend: May 21 Personal writing

This past weekend Coen and I went to Brandon’s house for a sleepover on Saturday. Coen and I arrived there at about 11 am and left at about 4 pm the next day.

Brandon’s mom is an extremely good cook. For breakfast we had crepés with chocolate, strawberries, and whipped cream. I had six in ten minutes and finished way before everyone else. For lunch we had grilled cheese and for dinner we ate something to do with beef. I don’t remember exactly what it was.

Most of the time we were playing video games and air hockey. We almost only played  Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros is a game where one tries to knock other players off of the map. I pretty much lost every time. On the first day  we also went and played basketball at Journey Middle School. It was way too hot at the school and we got tired pretty fast. While we were there we filmed each other doing different kinds of shots like 3 pointers and layups.

The weather was great and it was a great weekend.


Happy Victoria Day

I looked down at my watch, the time reading 7:58. Two more minutes until it finally happened. I had waited several months planning and preparing for this moment, and the best part was that my town had no idea.

“At this moment you are probably thinking and trying to guess what the hell I was doing.” I said “Well I will explain… Just kidding I won’t. You’ll have to wait for the surprise like everyone else. I’ll give you a little hint of what I’m doing though. A few months back…” [clock strikes eight] “Oh! Well, never mind about the story then.” I said “The surprise is starting”

I looked out my window into the night sky waiting to see the bright flash soon to come. The first rocket came a few seconds later I heard a whistling sound and saw a faint trail of smoke. Seconds later I saw a bright flash of light accompanied by a large boom. My plan was in action. Many more fireworks shot off and as I looked out my window I saw the people of my town gather on their decks and balconies to watch my show. After several more minutes my entire town was outside with blankets and cups of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. As 8:10 rounded the corner the best part of the show was approaching. 8:10 came and a clump of fireworks shot into the sky exploding and forming the words Happy Victoria Day. My entire town burst into applause and I knew that my plan was a great success.


No Time to Say Goodbye May 15th IRJE

The children arrived the school successfully(even Thomas’s father tried to block them). Agent Macdonald introduced Father Maynard, and some  “brothers and sisters”, they showed the kids their dorm. Wilson is missing his mom, and how his daily life works when he is at home, the only thing he like in here is bed time. Wilson made a trade with someone called Billy, Billy said if Wilson give him his food, he will protect him, this sounds fair to Wilson because he is not going to eat his foods anyway. Unfortunately, things got worse and worse for Wilson. First, Father Maynard caught him sleeping with Joey, which is breaking the rules. Second, Wilson pee on his bed and got caught by Brother Jerry(a mean guy), Brother Jerry pushed Wilson into a cold shower in front of other boys that shower made Wilson shaked and his lips turned blue. But fortunately Brother Eubieus is being very kind and caring to Wilson, which made him felt a little bit better.

”Haven’t been roughed up yet.” Wilson couldn’t see what was in it for him. “Doesn’t mean they ain’t gonna start”, said Billy.

I chose this quote because this hinted that Wilson is going to get in lot’s of trouble later on.


May 15 IRJE: Night Pee

In the novel No Time to Say Goodbye, by Sylvia Olsen, Wilson is telling the story from his perspective. He is afraid to be left alone with his little brother, without the company of Thomas, his older brother. He is forced to sleep by himself, something he has never done before, and as the night passed by and was colder, Wilson decided to go to the nearest washroom. During the act he remembers a related experience.

Wilson remembered the last time he peed the bed. Dad just moved the outhouse to the end of the field, way out behind the smoke house on the other side of the giant oak. It was pitch black outside, and he was afraid he would lose his way into the dark, so he lay in bed for too long. Pretty soon he peed. [p 56]

This moment of the book reminded me of two previous experiences. The first one happened a long time ago, by the time I used to live in Los Cabos, Mexico. I remembered that my brother (who is two years younger than me) used to pee the bed at night, so he was forced to use a night diaper, but the thing is that instead of leaving the night diapers at the average age, which is 3 years old, he ended up using it until he was 6.

The other memory takes place not so long ago, when I went to the school camping trip. My cabin had no washroom, which meant that if we needed to go to the washroom at night we either had to walk to the outhouse, which was far away from the cabin, or pee on the plants. I was hoping I wouldn’t need to pee at night, but unfortunately I did. It was very dark outside and we were in the middle of the forest so I was scared, my only option was to hold my pee until dawn, which at last I accomplished.


“We have a real fisherman here, Abraham, just look at the work he has done”

I choose this quote because i think its really cool for someone to have a natural talent  or just be good in something and  for someone else to recognise it .



In No Time To Say Goodbye by Sylvia Olsen I have almost finished the book. The book is about a bunch of short stories. My quote is right after chapter 3. It is a discription of Wilson’s World.

At Kuper, Wilson’s World became a blur of bells. All day bells rang for meals and bells rang for prayers. [p.50]

I like this quote becuase it sounds very nice when you say it. While I was finding quotes, this one caught my eye.


Smell the fish

In No Time to Say Goodbye, by Sylvia Olsen, Rita Morris, and Ann Sam; A boy named Thomas and his dad, wake up very early in the morning to go fishing. Once into the bay, Thomas’ Father comes up with a comment.

I can feel it in my bones. Take a deep breath, son. You can smell the fish.

This made me think that it is true, you can actually smell the fish. I know that because I have uncles who lived in the United States who used to go fishing, and I join them once in a while. It makes me think about how different the cultures are just some miles away from home.



I Guess I’ll Just Burn the Priceless Artifact

In the book Journey to The Center of The Earth by Jules Verne, one of the main characters named Axel is faced with a tough decision. Just a day or two ago, his uncle, Professor Lidenbrock, brought back home a manuscript. The manuscript was in some Icelandic language, and had a “puzzle” inside of it. The words needed to be rearranged in a special way to solve what it said. Professor Lidenbrock was going crazy over the puzzle. He wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t let anyone else eat and was spending all his time working on it. When the professor left for a little while, Axel took a shot at trying to crack the code, and he did it. The puzzle turned into a sentence about how to get to the center of the earth. Axel knew he couldn’t tell Professor Lidenbrock because he would take Axel on a journey which would get them both killed. So, he was about to burn the artifact.

“No, no, that shall never be,” I said passionately, “and since I can prevent my tyrant from getting such a notion into his head, I will. If he were to begin twisting and turning the document about he might get a chance to discover the key. We’ll destroy it.”

There was still a spark of fire in the grate. I snatched up both the sheet of paper and the parchment of Saknussemm, and, with a feverish hand, was just going to fling them on the hot embers, and make an entire end of the dangerous secret, when the study door opened and my uncle appeared.

At this point in the book, even though it was meaningless to me, because it doesn’t actually exist, I was thinking, “No! Don’t do it!” And I completely understand why he wanted to get rid of it, but I don’t think he should just burn the paper. There’s no way of getting that priceless artifact back. And it could be the only way of ever knowing how to get to the center of the earth. The author’s ability to make me feel this way is great, because not all authors can make their reader think about what they write in this way.


No Time to Say Goodbye IRJE May 15

The book I am reading at the moment is called No Time to Say Goodbye by Sylvia Olsen. The book is a series of small stories from indigenous children and of what their experiences were like at a boarding school called Kuper Island Residential. The story I’m reading is one about a boy named Nelson who went to the school at a young age and stayed until he graduated later. Nelson is a tough boy from Tsarlip who gets into a lot of fights. After a victorious fight he had with the toughest kid at the school the book says:

‘After the fight Nelson decided to take up smoking’

I chose this quote because it shows how easily someone can get into a bad habit, and in Nelson’s case it was so he would seem tough.


May 15 IRJE

I have just started reading Jerry Spinelli’s Stargirl and this quote caught my eye. It is about someone’s uncle named Pete. He has a necktie that has a porcupine painted on it and the person touching it really likes it. He/she wants one just like it really badly. The quotation is on page 1.

Uncle Pete would stand patiently before me while I ran my fingers over the silky surface, half expecting to be stuck by one of the quills.

I chose to write about this quotation because I’m trying to imagine how realistic the necktie would have to be to make someone feel like the quills would poke them.


Thoughts after watching Adventure 4

After watching the movie Adventure 4 End Game, I have some thoughts to share. First, black widow was one of my favorite character from marvel, before she fell from the cliff, I was worried that Hawkeye might die, but once I saw black widow fell of the cliff and last away, I was thought about it and I think I would prefer Hawkeye to be the one that sacrifice himself (this might sound bad for some Hawkeye fans). And second, I think Thanos is kind of a justice person too. He won’t have much benefits for wiping out half of the people from the universe. Also, the universe and planet resources aren’t infinitely, but as the amount of human being increases, the resources are getting lesser and on the way to destruction. The only way to keep the planets healthy and longevity is to wipe out half of the living things, even though it’s cruel.


Personal writing

This weekend I went camping from Saturday to Sunday with several of my friends and it was fun, we slept in tents in the forest and although it was cold it was good to have the experience, we also had a campfire and ate smores and I really liked it and on Sunday morning we did a hike that although I got tired was cool and at the top it  looked very beautiful and I took very good photos.

It was a very fun  and cool experience and a good way to spend the weekend and be in nature for a while. And that was my weekend.


Science Gone Wrong

I stormed down the hallway, pushing past hordes of students heading to their next class, my friend Jackie jogging behind to try to keep up.

“Stop!” Jackie said “Why are you so mad?”

“Did you not see what happened in there?” I said “I was completely humiliated.”

“It wasn’t that bad,” she said “it could have been worse.”

“Could it have been?” I asked

Jackie remained silent walking behind me.

Now you probably want to know what was happening. Well you see, my class was having a science fair project, and I had signed up to go first. My project was a coke and mentos volcano but on a much bigger scale. I made the volcano by wrapping paper mâché around a wire frame with a milk jug inside, when it dried I painted it brown and red. It looked amazing and I thought that I would get amazing marks. The next day I hooked up a small trailer to the back of my bike and put the volcano in the back. When I was pedalling a squirrel jumped in front of my bike and I had to swerve to just barely avoid it. Unfortunately I swerved into a ditch and I crashed, me my bike and the volcano tumbling over each other. I got up quickly checking to see if I was unscathed which I was, I then went to retrieve my bike and volcano. After giving them both a thorough inspection I decided that they were fine.

Later in third block which was science I was called up to give my presentation. I told my class about the affects of volcanos on the earth and all was going smoothly. But right near the end of class I said that I would give a demonstration of a volcano. I poured in the four litres of coke, and then got the mentos ready to pour in. I dropped in the mentos and took cover behind my desk. Little did I know that a bush had poked a hole in in the side of the volcano so when the volcano erupted out the side spraying my teacher and all my classmates. And just when you think it couldn’t get any worse it did. Some coke dripped onto the floor where I was hiding so when I stood up to check if everyone was okay I slept and fell onto my volcano crushing it and soaking myself just as the bell rang for fourth block. And the rest of the story you already know.



On Friday I had lots of fun I went with Maria, Patricio, Eloy, Pablo Arantxa and the other Patricio to Juan De Fuca we had lots of fun because we went swimming and we did swimming competitions Patricio won. After, we went to the Jacuzzi and stayed there for ten minutes and then we went to change and shower so we could return back to school but in the way back we got hungry and went to Wendys and ate a hamburger that was delicious then we arrived to school, we went to watch the movie of Avengers Infinity war then they sent us to our rooms, It was a great Friday.



Shawnigan Lake #1

Brookes Shawnigan Lake, this Place is Better the Westshore, no question about that. But Why, first, Size Apparently Shawnigan Lake(BSL) is Larger than Westshore, it’s not only the size of the campus, the number of students is also smaller. We have about 300 students on this Campus but BSL only have about 150, and we share a bigger space.  Usually, The size of a campus meaning the number of equipment, BWS is not an exception, in BSL there is a place we call: WaterFront, which is a place have a dock for the Shawnigan Lake and space full with grass. But in here WS, if you want to swim you need walk to Juan de Fuca for 10 min instead of crossing road.


Chapter 5 1/2: Reunion

Chapter 5 1/2: Reunion

We wandered through the forest while a terrifying figure stalked from the bushes and dashed across the trail. We could see its shadow behind the bushes as we were hurrying back to Rupert and the others. But, when we tried to attack it, it disappeared. The only thing we could do was wait. Knowing that at any moment we could be attacked. We were taught about type A stalkers on the Omega. Just like on earth with cougars, there were precautions we had to take to stay safe. Number one, carry a flare and have your knife in the other hand. We couldn’t do that because Talon had the flares in his bag. Number two, don’t engage with it unless it attacks you. Number three, don’t make any sudden movements.

We didn’t follow any of these rules. It was hard not to make any sudden movements when the seas are falling on you and lightning keeps striking your heels. We could have run if that thing wasn’t stalking us, but the best we could do was keep up a brisk pace to not agitate it.

But not long after we spotted it, we didn’t have the option not to run. We had reached a huge meadow full of waist tall grass. No other objects around. Only us. On the mostly dark but slightly bright side, the beast couldn’t stalk us anymore.

Only problem with that thought is that only gave it two options. Hunt us, or be left with a hungry stomach. Either way, we couldn’t just sit here. I could tell Olivia had the same thoughts as me.

There we stood at the edge of the forest, rain drenching us, lightning bolts  dancing around the field, burning patches of grass into ash. A beast stalking us from behind the bushes.

I looked at Liv. “Ready?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be.”

Before I even said anything, she had already shot off into the middle of the field. I sprinted after her, turning my head behind me to see if the beast was following me. Nothing. I kept running. My pulse was beating in my head. Lightning struck beside me, deafening my right ear. It throbbed. I didn’t have much more to run. Olivia was almost at the end of the field until she tripped, and the beast saw its chance. From out of the grass it pounced on top of her. I was shocked. I managed to pick up my pace to try to save her but the beast, the massive beast was on top of her. She struggled to get it off of her but it kept attacking her.

“Think,” I thought to myself. What could I do? I was helpless. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head.

“Liv! Play dead!” The creature looked at me for a second and then looked back to Olivia, laying on the ground, motionless.

I ran up to the beast, knife raised. I wasn’t expecting to kill the beast at all. I just needed to buy Olivia some time.

The beast reacted by jumping at me. I dodged its pounce and Olivia rolled away into a standing position. She had scratches on her face and a facial expression of intense anger and frustration no words could describe. I signaled for her to start running away, although I knew she wouldn’t get away.

The beast charged after her. Olivia ran straight into a small pit of metal within the meadow. No sooner than after she entered the metal pit, she began to float higher in her strides. Almost like there wasn’t gravity in that pit.

The beast followed her in, and Olivia quickly ran out of the metal area as a lightning bolt struck the beast dead center on its head. Its arm twitched once, then its body fell to the ground with a huge thud.

“Ouch.” Olivia remarked. We both knew we needed to go before the lightning did the same to us.


Personal writing

My piano journey. My piano journey started when I was 6. I went to a little piano teaching business near my house. Within the first year I was able to play royal conservatory level 4 songs. Royal conservatory is a piano grading system.

The next year when I was 7, I wanted to learn how to play fur èlize, a level 7 song. It took me the entire year to learn, and I presented it at my piano recital.

After that I wanted to go into royal conservatory. I took a level 3 exam, and passed. The next year I took the level 4 exam and passed. After that I started loosing interest in piano. I did not practice to much and despised it.

I then quit after practicing for the level 5 exam. I started to gain my interest back again, and was playing more and more piano songs. I think I might join back again next year, now that my interest is back.


PW May 7: The big surprise

It was a normal Monday, I had just come back from an amazing weekend at the school camping trip, and was looking forward towards my birthday, which is on Wednesday. I knew It was going to be fun, but the following surprise was unimaginable.

All day I had received mysterious calls from my mom and grandma, but I thought they were just about my dad’s birthday, which happened today. My mom called me at the end of the fourth block, asking me if I was in my room; I answered no, and explained her that first I had to go to my ASA.

When I arrived at my room at five, my mother called me ones again, asking me to look outside the window. I was shocked, my eyes could not believe it, my mom and grandma were standing at the cafe parking lot with a banner that said happy birthday. I was very happy to see them after nearly five months, they told me what they had planned, they are taking me to Vancouver for the weekend.

I’m really excited, a great birthday surprise.


My weekend: March 7 Personal Writing

This weekend I went on a camping trip with the school. We went for one night to a park in the Highlands. We slept in tents.

Every day we went on a hike. The views on the hike were amazing because it was such a nice clear day. On the second hike we were about a kilometre high just across the Malahat and were looking over Finlason Arm which is the water in between the two. The weather was so good because of the blue sky and the warm sun.

I slept in a tent with Coen and Patricio. We slept from about 11:30 to 7:30, so not that long.  It was long enough to get through the next day.

On the only dinner that we had we could choose to have burgers or to roast hotdogs over a fire. Only Coen, Valentina and I chose to roast the hotdogs.

This was a highlight of my trip because the whole time we couldn’t stop laughing for some reason. The laughing started when Valentina accidentally hit the hotdog on a piece of charcoal. She took it off right away and it was full of black burnt wood.  That was hilarious to us. Also we had lots of sugar before the hotdogs.


Our Town Personal Response

The story “Our Town” was written by Thornton Wilder, it talks about some daily life for different families.  The actors have to imagine all the things their are holding in their hands and where they are.  “Our Town” is a metheatrical play. After watching this, I felt I should cherish the time more, because in the play, one of the main character, Emily, after she’s dead, she realize how time went so fast, so she said, “Good-by, Good-by, world. Good-by, Grover’s Corners… Mama and Papa. Good-by to clocks ticking… and Mama’s sunflowers. And food and coffee. And new-ironed dresses and hot baths…and sleeping and waking up. Oh, earth, you’re too wonderful for anybody to realize you.” This is my favorite quote that came from the play too.


Mother died Today

In The Stranger By Albert Camus, There is a very hard and unique way to start a book.

Mother died today. or maybe yestarday; I cant be sure.

When I first read this, I didn’t know what to think I didn’t even continue reading, I just kept thinking I that way of starting a book. I had never read anything like that before.


May 1st IRJE

Nelson was acting like a tough guy to Wilson, because Wilson is smaller than him. Thomas saw a black shinny car parked in front of his school, he dreamed about having that kind of car one day too. But the only one that owns a vehicle in the village is the Sams, they have a truck. Two special visitors went to Thomas’s school, they are Agent Macdonald who works for the government of Canada that is in charge of looking after Indians and Mr. Lawson from the Catholic Church. They told six of kids in this class to go to Kuper Isaland Residential School, Thomas and Wilson were included. Some of the kids didn’t want to go, but it’s not their choice. When they are going to leave the school, Thomas ‘s little brother, Joey, try to block them, he said he wants to go to that school and get on that car too, Agent Macdonald was out of his patient so he allow Joey to get on the car and go with them.

”Pick on someone your own size.”

I choose this quote because this shows Thomas listened to his mom to watched out and protect Wilson and also shows he cares about his brother.


Independent Reading

No time to say goodbye, by Sylvia Olsen, chapter 4. This chapter is about how the Father tries to rescue the children of the Agent Macdonald because they take them to the school that is on another island, but Agent Macdonald stops him with another person and they tell him they are going to put him. In prison and also his wife.

“What are you doing with Joey?” Dad completely lost control. He took a swing at Agent Macdonald and barely missed his jaw. “He just turned five! He isn’t  even old enough to go to the Day School. Priscilla never said anything about Joey. You can’t take him!”[30]

I choose this quotation, because you see how the father suffers to recover his children and how they force him to leave, it also makes you think how people are capable of taking their children away from someone.


“Our Town” Personal Respond

The play Our Town, the story is about the life of us, a small town family in U.S., daily life and trivial matters, to show the stage of life and enthusiasm, life, old, sick, dead, squatting the audience to think about life, family, life and meaning.

In the ending after Emily Webb died, lead us to think that we didn’t know how to cherish what we have while we still have the time with he/she/it.

It’s ridiculous that watching a play take place in American, but all the actor is speaking within a British accent.


Our town personal reflection

For me, Old Town was very confusing. My reasons for this are because it is purposely made as a play and not a movie, it went forward and backwards in time, I did not know what time they were in, and I could not tell who was dead or not. It was also weird how their was a narrator in it.

Old Town is quite long. In my opinion, if a movie is long it should be exiting. This movie felt very slow too the action.

The movie made me think about life, and enjoying it too the fullest. While I was watching I did not feel happy. I felt more like this world is not very happy. I did not like the feeling I got from this movie, and most likely would not watch it again. I did think about the people in my life and the moment I was in at the time.

I think that they should have used props. Even real plays use props, and considering they made a movie, it felt low budget and made it much more confusing. example of it being confusing because of the lack of props would be when they were eating I would have liked to see some of the food that they were eating, and I would have learned some new types of food.

I am still quite confused about the Stage manager. He seems like the grim reaper. Overall I thought this movie was extremely confusing, and weird because it was trying too be like a play.