“Light” a Gone novel

I started reading a new book form the series “Gone”. The story goes like this. A village near the beach had a meteorite hit their nuclear station causing some kind of barrier to appear all around it, 12 miles across. Anyone under 13 stayed but anyone older disappeared. The kids have to survive a very hard life in this sphere and withstand many dangers killing of many of their fellow comrades. Some of the kids started developing weird superpowers and using them for different purposes. The most powerful ones either protect the other kids as best as they can, or turn evil and try to terminate everyone. Even though most main characters have powerful superpowers, one kid named Edilio stays in the shadows while helping everyone and saving many lives. I really like what he said when he had an  intence arguments with the well known hero and when he said that no one knows about him and he is nothing, Edilio answered:

”a hero doesn’t fight for fame or glory, he fights for redemption and lives of people around him”

I really like the quote because I think that it is very correct. You shouldn’t help people for glory fame or popularity. you should help people because this is a good thing to do and the right thing you should do any time you can.


west side story response

I liked the west side story, it was good how they incorporated jazz and music with dance and still told the entire story. i might be bias because of how i love musicals or how I’ve seen the movie before. the story is good but some aspects are quite cheesy and could be better. the ending was sad though even when i knew it was coming it still made me sad. anther thing is how to story of west side is so nice and how its loosely follows romeo and Juliet but has its own separate quality’s.


The Pit

Michael opened one eye slowly and even though it was opened a fraction, the terrible stabbing light came rushing in. He felt like the light pierced through his whole skull making him endure horrible agony so he shut his eye and stained from the pain. ”Ok” he thought ”I can’t use my eyesight but maybe I can smell or hear anything at all to get even the slightest hind of where I am?”. He listened carefully, making sure that not even the quietest sound could pass him unnoticed. Nothing. The nose didn’t provide help either. He resorted to his last hope of standing up, putting his arms in front and slowly walking forward analysing the ground beneath him. The ground seemed very odd, it was very smooth and perfectly leveled. Every step he took he felt like he would slip and fall but some weird force was keeping him upright. Suddenly his leg stepped onto some kind of edge, fear and horror of falling somewhere he couldn’t even visualise flooded into his already worried mind. He stumbled backwards but the ground he was supposed to land on wasn’t there. One second ago it was there but now it was gone and he was falling, falling rapidly down a hole that he didn’t see and couldn’t imagine. He was screaming but no sound came out of his mouth or if it didn’t hear it. It was his doom, he was scared, he pleaded, he wanted to die, but he just fell and fell.


“Fear” a Gone novel

My favourite quote from the middle of the book is ”the hardest choices give the biggest rewards”. I agree with the quote because if the reward, after the choice is made, wouldn’t be big enough, the choice wouldn’t even come into consideration. This quote was told by the main character from the book who had to go on a suicide mission in order to save the people who he was the leader of. The citizens really liked him and didn’t want him to go so he said a whole speech including this quote. The main character and the citizens are actually all kids which have been trapped under an unbreakable sphere and are trying to survive. The suicide mission is supposed to with a lot of luck kill the creature which is trying to kill them and solve an awful problem of the sphere becoming opaque making it eternally dark inside. Some hard choices in life are needed to be made in order to get even better results for yourself or others around you.


June 1st IRJE

I’ve started reading the books “Star girl” , as far as I read, there is a girl who named herself stargirl, just like her name. Everything she did was so different, therefore, when she first came to school, everyone was a little scared and curious about her, and don’t want to approach her, someone even suspects that she is an actress. She will play a birthday song on a guitar at someone else’s birthday, she will wear special clothes every day, she will also bring a hamster around her.

”Listen to yourself”

I choose this quote because tells that don’t be tempted but listen to your own opinion




I am Reading  Journey to the Center of The Earth by Jules Verne. The story takes place in Hamburg. Axel is a nephew of a professor and mineralogist Otto Lindenbock. Axel narrates the story. This story is about professor Lindenbock, finding an ancient manuscript, and it says that on this certain volcano you can go to the centre of the earth. Axel and the professor leave to Iceland, and in iceland they meet a guide named Hans. Then those 3 climb the volcano together and go on a journey to the centre of the earth.

“Science, my lad, has been built upon many errors; but they are errors which it was good to fall into, for they led to the truth.”

I liked this quote becuase it is very true. Almost all great inventions were made from mistakes. For example the light bulb. Apparently that was a mistake, leading to an amazing invention.

Another reason I like this quote is because it made me think where this sounded familiar and then I remembered that i heard my Uncle say almost the same words.



Finally Water!

In Jules Verne’s, Journey to the Center of the Earth, the main characters, Axel, Hans and Professor Lidenbrock are now under the crust of the Earth. They had cracked a secret code found in an old manuscript, gone to Snafell (the place the book told them to go), ascended a mountain and are now descending into the center of the earth. In their journey, water became a huge issue. They were running out of water and might have died if they didn’t find any. When Axel eventually drops to the floor with Hans, both almost dying of thirst, Hans hears something from behind the walls of the cave. A stream. After hours of work, he breaks open the stream.

Hans, who was almost upset by the force of shock, gave a cry of pain, the cause of which I soon understood, and cried out in my turn when I found, on plunging my hands into the water, that it was boiling.

“Water at 200!” I exclaimed.

“Well, it will cool,” replied my uncle.

The passage was filled with steam, and a stream formed, which began to run away and lose itself in the subterranean windings. Soon we were able to indulge ourselves in our first draught. (P. 82)

I chose this quote to share with you for many reasons. I understand Axel’s feeling of not having water and then, even though it’s still hot, drinking all of it. I’ve had times where I didn’t bring water to an event, and when I finally get water, I drink a litre straight. Another reason I chose this quote is because of the author’s ability to drag on this issue of not finding water. For several pages, the book just talks about Axel’s feelings and his issues with Professor Lidenbrock not having any water. I write in some of my free time and I wish I could write like that. From my experience, it is very hard to drag on a small topic like not having water for several pages.


June 1st IRJE

I have just started reading a book called StarGirl by Jerry Spinelli. From what I have read I think it is about two friends that are running a school TV show. A new girl named StarGirl has just joined the school and some students think she is an actress trying to spice up the school.  The quotation is from page 7.

”She’s not real,” Hillary said. She was sneering. “She’s an actress. It’s a scam. “

Someone called out, “Who’s scamming us?”

”The administration. The principal. Who else? Who cares?” Hillary wagged her head at the absurdity of the question.

A hand flashed in the air: “Why?”

”School spirit,” she spat back. “They think this place was too dead last year. They think if they plant some nutcase in with the students —“

”Like they plant narcs in schools!” Someone else shouted.

I chose this quotation because I thought it was kind of weird and absurd. I thought this because the kids are making rumours that a new girl is fake to make the school more exciting. In real life schools wouldn’t bring in a fake student to make the schools less boring, it just makes no sense. It will be interesting to find out if the new girl actually is a student or an actress.


IRJE: She had no friends

I’m currently reading the book Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli, a book quite interesting. At the beginning of the book we get introduced to a girl named Stargirl, who is very weird and mysterious. The story is told from the perspective of the rest of the students at the school.

“She had no friends, yet she was the friendliest person at the school.” [p 15]

This quote made me reflect on the life of students, and how we many times judge people with knowing much about them, without knowing their real situation. Many times we see friendliness as a weakness, as something bad. You have to act tough, they often say. Instead of helping each other we only judge.



At this point in time the book I am reading is called Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli so far the book has been about a mysterious girl that constantly changes her name but in this story she is called Stargirl. Stargirl is very differently than any other kid at the school she goes to in many different ways. One way she is different is through the way she dresses, Stargirl dresses with odd non-matching clothes that are usually bright and very different than any other kids clothes. Another way Stargirl is different than any other kid is through the way she acts. The book describes the way star girl acts as:

“One morning we had a rare rainfall. It came during her gym class. The teacher told everyone to come in. On the way to the next class they looked out the windows. Stargirl was still outside. In the rain. Dancing.

The reason I chose this quote is because I think it gives an accurate sample of the way Stargirl acts, and this shows that she isn’t, and doesn’t try to be normal.


West Side Story Personal Response

I thought that the play was good but there was a point were I thought it was too much singing, but I liked most of the songs and the actors were very good singers and dancers. I think the music makes the movie more sentimental maybe it gives the movie more emotion.

Also while I watched the movie I wondered if the people who played the Puerto Rican’s were actually Puerto Rican’s because of the accent they have  when they speak Spanish and I think they weren’t but I’m not completely sure.

But I liked the plot and how they represented Romeo and Juliet and the twist they give to the story  but I don’t like movies with sad endings so I didn’t loved the ending but overall I enjoyed the movie.


West Side Story – A Mediocre Musical

The movie West Side Story by Arthur Laurents would probably appeal to a large audience but, I’m not that large audience. West Side Story is a musical that takes place in  New York during the late 1950’s. Two gangs, the Jets (locals) and the Sharks (Puerto Rican) have recently been fighting over who “owns” the west side of New York. The two gangs both go to a dance and see each other there. At the dance, the Jet’s gang leader named Riff’s best friend, Tony, sees a girl. Little does he know the girl (who’s name is Maria) is related to the Shark’s gang leader, Bernardo. The Sharks and the Jets don’t want the two to be in love, but they apparently love each other after first sight — AND THEN KISS. I mean, I don’t think anyone just sees another person and thinks, “Oh my. I’m in love with that person and want to go kiss them now.” and the other person thinks, “Oh my. I’m in love with that person and want to go kiss them now.” but it still happens in the movie. After they fall in love, the gangs coordinate a rumble to end the war between the two gangs. The Shark’s best fighter (Bernardo) against the Jet’s best fighter. At the rumble, Riff and Bernardo die because things got out of hand. Bernardo stabbed Riff and Tony stabbed Bernardo. Now, Tony killed Maria’s brother, Bernardo, but they are still in love. That’s as far as I was able to watch in the movie due to an appointment. Thankfully.

You may think, “Well, Cameron, it seems like a good play. Why don’t you like it?” and the answer is many reasons. First of all, it’s a musical. There isn’t really much else to say other than I don’t like musicals. Second, the play has flaws in it. How did getting stabbed with a two inch blade in the stomach cause Riff and Bernardo to die? In the scene where Tony is leaving Maria’s room because Anita wants to talk to Maria but doesn’t know Tony was in there, you can see her shadow on the glass of the door. Why couldn’t Anita see both Maria and Tony’s shadow through the glass of the door then? Also, one of the biggest flaws in my opinion, especially in the beginning is: if the two gangs absolutely want each other’s heads, why when they see each other on the street do they not fight? Instead, in the beginning they just dance! Come on, realistically that would never happen. Two gangs that want to kill each other just dance side by side? I know it’s a bit critical of me to think that, because it is a movie meant for entertainment, but I don’t like movies that do that kind of thing.

I think a really big part of why I didn’t like it, was simply because it was a musical. If the play wasn’t a musical and solved some of my issues with it, I would probably like it a lot more.

But, just because I didn’t like it in general, doesn’t mean I didn’t like parts of it though. I liked the scene where they decide where the rumble will happen and for the most part liked the scene of the rumble.

Although I didn’t like all of the parts, I’m sure a lot of people would. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes love stories and musicals, because the songs weren’t as bad as a lot of one’s I’ve seen in other musicals.

Overall, I wouldn’t say I hated the movie, I just wouldn’t really like to watch it in my own time. I didn’t really enjoy it, but other than the music and dance it wasn’t bad.


West Side Story

I have never been a fan of musicals, in fact, I’ve always kind of hated them. I would say its Disney’s fault. It has always been like that for me until I saw this film. Beside it is a really old film, and I love old stuff; It changed my opinion about musicals. It made me appreciate more the work of the whole cast, directors, producers, and cameramen, especially in the early ’60s, when the way of filming was completely analog. What bored me the most about musicals were the very slow an romantic scenes, were they just sing the same stuff over and over again; this movie has a lot of those scenes, so it still was a little boring to me.

I really enjoyed the sountrack of the whole film, it is so tipical from the ’60s, and its wonderful when the choreography is so accurate with the music.

I also liked how a really old story such as Romeo and Juliet was adapted to a youth trend during the ’60s, also combined with the issue of Puerto Rican immigrants in the States and the discrimination against them.                                 It is noticable how well made this movie is, and the importance of it in the pop culture of the era, I guess it created a lot of steryotypes that nowadays may be considered as a cliché.


West Side Story Personal Response

In Fact, I don’t like Musical. This film is not an exception. I didn’t like the way that this film(musical), “Inert” music and dance is stopping the story. For me, it’s similar to when you watching video online and an ad pop-up. Also, as a person who doesn’t understand Spanish, there are few lines in the film which in Spanish, but the subtitle did have the translation to English. Plus, after I wiki this film I realize the singing voice is a different cast then cast who play, for an example: Maria is played by Natalie Wood, but the singing voice is play by Marni Nixon.

Although the musical part is not my cup of tea, the story is not bad. It’s like a mini-war in this world, from conflict, to fight between then, in the flight like the war it cost casualties and losses, sill they did learn the consequences. Until they learn the consequences but the different than the real world is at the end of the movie, there no one won.


“West Side Story” Personal Response

The “West Side Story” is a musical that took place in New York. The story is about a couple that got in love but were from different teenage gangs which were very rebellious and dangerous towards each other. The first gang was named “Jets” and was made out of Americans, the second group of teenagers consisted of Puerto Ricans and was named “Sharks”. The two gangs always fought and disagreed. After everyone realized the love between the two characters from different gangs, they agreed on a fight and during the fight the leaders of the groups get killed. One of the characters from the lovers kills their partners’ brother an then get killed by a close friend of the person they murdered.

The plot in the play was very interesting and I really liked the way the creators managed to turn a famous play “Romeo and Juliet” into a very new and original play which follows a very similar theme but a very different storyline and time and place. I highly enjoyed the way they remade the two different “teams” which showed both good and evil within them. The one thing I didn’t quite like about the plot was the way the gangs betrayed the plot and actually talked to each other and other in a friendly way which is a bit weird and noticeable for me.

The music was very successful in most places. it really helped to imagine and actually feel the scenes and situations. The music was very appropriate for the situations in which they were placed. The musics were also of a very good quality. I enjoyed listening to the musics supporting some of the dances and singing. The singing was also very clear and understandable. Even though a lot of it was very successful, I didn’t really enjoy some of the solo chores because they seemed weird and out of place.


West Side Story

I liked the movie, because it was created in the 60s but they were based in New York in the 50s because of the gangs that live in New York in those years, what I like is that they recreated as they did racism to the people who were emigrated in those years and some of the gangs were emigrated of costa rica and the police made them a lot of racism and also the other gang. I also really liked that they used music in some scenes, but what I did not like is that some of the actors did not sing as well. One of my favorite things in the movie are the costumes, the costumes that the women of Costa Rica had are almost the same as the women of that time in Costa Rica. I think the most impressed me about the movie is how they recorded the scenes, because it’s like New York in the 50s


West Side Story Reflection

West Side Story is a musical based off of the play by Shakespeare, that takes place in New York City. The play is about two rival gangs that both live in the same part of the city. One of the gangs is called the Jets and it consists of white people who’s families moved to America from European countries a while back. And the other gang is called the Sharks and it consists of Puerto Ricans who recently immigrated more recently and are new to America.

While watching the movie/musical West Side Story some thoughts arose. One of the thoughts I had was that it was unrealistic how every time someone started singing; no one thought it was weird, everyone knew the lyrics, and everyone knew the choreography. I know that the movie isn’t supposed to be not weird but it’s better the less weird it is. Another thought was that it was weird how they excepted the girl/guy called Buddy Boy because at the time when this movie was made the world was less excepting of people who identified as other genders.

While watching West Side Story a few questions arose. The first question is were the Puerto Ricans played by Puerto Ricans or by Americans who didn’t have a very good idea of how Puerto Ricans acted and spoke? Another question that arose was what would be the equivalent of that story taking place in the modern world?

During West Side Story the singing took away from the plot of the story because during all the singing times nothing happened except the characters would run around in choreographed motions and dances. This ended up just extending the movie with things that weren’t important to the plot. Another reason the singing takes away from the movie is that most of the time they sang it would be a corny love song. Although there are a lotto things that weren’t good about the singing there were two particular songs, and they were America and Gee Officer Krupkee. They were good because they weren’t slow paced songs that dragged the movie on, and because the lyrics where good and well rhymed.


West – Side Story (Personal Response)

The movie/musical West – Side Story was an interesting take in the classic drama of Romeo and Juliet, by Shakespeare. I think the change of setting to the 1900’s made the story easier to assimilate with real life; subjects including the arrival of immigrants to the U.S, the competition between crowds with different cultural backgrounds, racism, the hard life of the working class, is all things that still happen nowadays and were introduced into the story in a smart way. They really could just have made two american bands that hated each other for vague reasons, but instead added the Puerto Rico twist.

The music in this movie served as a tool for exposition, and that is pretty obvious, most of the songs if they are not about love they’re about the character’s background and state of emotion; for example when the Jets are singing about why they are delinquents. In some parts of the movie I was glad there was music because it made the movie more fun to watch, the choreography was entertaining and well done, and was probably my favourite part of the movie; however other times I thought the music was slow and sometimes tedious, this mostly happened when the music involved love scenes with Maria and Tony.

The scenography  was good, it is able to capture in how a low class neighbourhood from New York looks like. However it didn’t stop me from looking at this movie more as a play than as a movie.

Overall I have to admit that this isn’t my type of movie, I often vote for movies with more action, and I sometimes find hard to watch musicals/movies without getting bored or distracted. But that doesn’t mean the movie is bad, in fact its and awarded movie. It’s like ice cream, I may prefer vanilla, but it doesn’t mean strawberry tastes bad.


West Side Story Personal Response

West Side Story  has the “Romeo and Juliet” theme, but has more political and society problems. In this musical movie there’s background music going on and actor singing frequently, this could brought the audience more into the scene sometimes, but as the frequency became higher and higher, for myself, I didn’t really enjoy it. I like about the dances in the film that can describe the emotion of the characters in a special way. Sometimes the dances are romantic and sometimes the dances are bold and unconstrained. Every song is appropriate to dance. In my opinion, the theme of this film has another meaning: the conflict between United States and immigrant culture, and the American dream of exclusion and integration to immigrant groups.


West Side Story personal response

I have just finished watching West Side Story which is a movie/musical based on the play Romeo and Juliet. This movie takes place in the more “dangerous” part of New York. Most of the people in that area of town are poor.

This movie has dancing and gang activity in it. I don’t really think the two go together. A couple of times the two gangs were mad at each other and someone started singing. Then both gangs started dancing along with each other. Those parts don’t really fit with everything else because in an actual gang they would definately not sing and dance.

I don’t really like musicals that much mostly because of the singing. Almost every time they start singing an important event has or is happening.  An example of this occurs when Tony dies. Maria says something like “hold my hand”.  Then she starts singing a song about that. I also didn’t like the style of the singing because I don’t like opera or classical music.

I also really don’t like older movies because the lighting is bad and everything is harder to see. In movies like these there are many shadows so the details are more hidden.

The music made the movie better some of the time. Usually scary or suspenseful music went well with what was happening, for example when the Jets and Sharks  were about to fight, but when someone just randomly started singing I didn’t like it at all.

My favourite part from the movie was at the beginning when they are scaring people (or at least trying to). The Jets took someone’s ball, and started passing it around all while dancing.  I found myself laughing a little bit because they did not seem like an actual gang. All they did was take the ball and give it back. I would think that an actual gang would of have done something much worse. In my opinion they were just trying to act tougher than they were.

Overall I didn’t like the movie because it is a musical and the music and dancing/singing didn’t go with the plot of the story.


West Side Story Brandon Edition Personal Response

West Side is a movie musical, which is a parody of Romeo and Juliet. The setting of the movie is New York, and is about 2 gangs which hate each other, but a boy and a girl from each side fall in love with each other. The 2 gangs names are Sharks, and Jets. The Sharks are the PR’s and the Jets are the white people. 

My personal response about the movie is that I didn’t like it. My reasons are 1. It’s was not an accurate parody of Romeo and Julliet

2. Way to much weird singing, I also did not like the weird singing.

3. Really long.

It was also sad, because many characters die. For example Bernardo which gets killed.

If the movie did not have music it would be much better. The music made me forget that it was a tragedy, and I almost forgot it was a parody of Romeo and Juliet. The movie would be a better tragedy without singing.

The music made me cringe a lot. My taste in music is just not the same as the people along time ago. For example Maria just lost her brother and then starts singing a fairly happy song. Another example would be the boy song. One of the men called a girl a boy and inside me I felt tingly.

i do t really like comedies so I did not like this movie that much. Others however may really love this movie.


My side of West Side Story

I liked this musical movie because it was from other times and everything that happened was unexpected, it was entertaining for me and I had fun watching it, I liked how Maria and Tony sang because Maria had like an opera voice, I also admired the character of the Doc because he was the only one who said that he wanted peace and no one should fight.

It was sad that they killed Tony maybe if Anita would’ve not lied to the other gang Tony would’ve not run and shout for Chino to kill him and maybe Maria and Tony could’ve run away together.

It is sad how they don’t like each other because everything would be better if everyone where just friends things would be easier and everyone would be helping each other and peacefully living, not bothering each other.

I never expected that and old movie would really entertain me but it was good my favorite song of the movie was America because it is funny how the Puerto Rico gang sing and know the truth of how they treat them in America.

It was a nice movie I’m glad I watched it it was a different one I usually watch.



best personal writing

Unknown past

As John walked into class he thought “oh crap!” his “buddy” from camp was sitting in the front row.

Chapter 1

It was John’s first day of school and he was already late. He had to run as fast as he could to get to the headmaster’s office. when he got there he was 10 minutes late. The headmaster was not mad thought and he orientated john in the school and showed him all the rules and told him to not repeat the past then sent him off to class. As John walked into class he thought “oh crap!” his buddy from camp was sitting in the front row. he didn’t notice John as he sat down and tried to hide his face. then the teacher snapped her fingers and said “class, I would like to introduce you all to john he will be joining us this year.” she called him up to the front and he nervously walked up. Asslo his “buddy” from camp recognized him and glared. He got introduced and then finished the class.

Asslo came up and aggressively asked “why the hell are you here! ” John replied “because this is my school” Asslo walked away and muttered something under his breath. Later at lunch john saw a fight break out between Asslo and 3 others. He decided to walk away but Asslo yelled at John and got him involved. John didn’t fight he just took his beating till a royal named Seraphina stopped the fight and took him to the infirmary.by: Morgan Lessard

Chapter 2

John woke up. He had forgotten why he was in the infirmary. When he saw Seraphina he was scared as he could have gotten one of the royals mad. That would mean he would get beaten up, Seraphina was one of the most powerful students at Deerfield high. He got ready to fight but then seraphina stopped him and told him that it was stupid to fight with asslo. John explained that it wasn’t his fault. Then seraphina left. The school nurse told John he should be more careful, as he didn’t have a power like the others. Later while on while John was eating lunch Seraphina come up to him and wanted to hang out. John was skeptical at first because it was social suicide to hang out with a so-called “cripple”. Seraphina told John to call her sera and they ate lunch together. then someone starts mocking john, and sera broke his nose. Basically, she protected him and they were friends. John’s dad was a filmmaker, but one of his movies was outlawed because of the message. Because of what happened a couple of years ago John and his dad split into two houses.


Chapter 3

A couple of days later John was standing out the front of the school and one of the people in the fight a few days earlier had seen him and gone to attack John. The bully activated his ability and punched John. John put his arm out and just blocked it, which should have been impossible for a “crip” to do. Sera shows up and tells the bully to stand down, but the bully told her he wasn’t scared of her because “how strong could she be if she only hung out with crips?” then in a split second he was smashed into the pavement. He looked at sera but she looked as if she hadn’t moved, he got up and tried to punch her but she blocked it and knocked him out. Then two kids came fly thru the wall next to John and started to fight each other. To be continued.


unknown past – pt. 3

A couple of days later John was standing out the front of the school and one of the people in the fight a few days earlier had seen him and gone to attack John. The bully activated his ability and punched John. John put his arm out and just blocked it, which should have been impossible for a “crip” to do. Sera shows up and tells the bully to stand down, but the bully told her he wasn’t scared of her because “how strong could she be if she only hung out with crips?” then in a split second he was smashed into the pavement. He looked at sera but she looked as if she hadn’t moved, he got up and tried to punch her but she blocked it and knocked him out. Then two kids came fly thru the wall next to John and started to fight each other. To be continued.


Our town response

I liked old town because of how the narrator was incorporated in the play and how the lights mixed with that smoothly. Also i found it cool how there were no props except for the tables, chairs and doors. I liked how they showed the dead it was very interesting. One thing i would change is how the language was old.


My first thoughts about the “West Side Story” play


Today we have watched the first part of the movie called “West Side Story”. It was a play which was designed to have a very similar storyline like the famous “Romeo and Juliet” play, only it was performed much later in the 19th century where instead of families there were teenage gangs which were very popular at those times. I really enjoyed the way the producers managed to come up with very interesting ways to make the scenes and actions similar to the original play, but at the same time with a very different surrounding, props, setting, style and more. Another part which I mostly liked was the fact that a lot of dancing and singing was involved, with the addition of music it made the play a lot more understandable, colourful and unique. What I didn’t like though, was the overwhelming amount of dance which was involved. As I said, I liked the fact that they included dancing but, in my opinion, there was to much of it and sometimes it looked too active and unnecessary because the scene could easily be performed with no or less dancing involved while doing something different making it very unusual in comparison with other scenes.


Tales of Captain Gorrilla: Fear the Hungering Deep (Part 2)

Then it happened. With out any advice of preparation the ship was hit by something. The crew fell into the floor, supplies were all over the deck, you could see cannon balls rolling all over the place; liquor bottles broken,  everything everywhere except for their place. The hit was so violent even one guy fell from the crow’s nest into the water, never to be seen again. The source of this impact was a mystery.

Some thought it had been a rock, that seemed like the most logic option, but Captain Gorrilla had other beliefs.

“Do you think it was a whale my Captain?” asked John Paul.

“No, something bigger.” Answered Gorrilla as he stood up. He took out his telescope and started to look around to see if there was anything that could explain the violent hit. He then saw something that would paralyze him for a moment, turning his worst thoughts into a reality, it was a fin of what looked like a giant shark coming right at them.

“Incoming attack!” He screamed as hard as his voice would allow, alerting all the crew into what was coming.

“Prepare cannons, and angle the sails for max speed! Today will not be the end for us boys.” He took his sniper ant pointed into the fin as it approached.

The crew was fast to take the cannon balls from the lower decks and load the cannons, those not in charge of the cannons pointed their guns to the giant fin.

“To my signal!” He screamed. From the water then rose a giant mouth, full of teeth sharp as a diamonds, ready to take a bite at the side of the ship.

“Fire!” A big round of cannon balls were fired towards the beast, some hit the spot and some failed, but they didn’t stop the monster from impacting  the ship. Men fell into the water, parts of the ship were blown apart. This time the hit was even worse.

“On team repair and one team bail the water out! Don’t let this ship sink.”

The same cycle repeated three more times, each one of them taking the life of more men. Captain Gorrilla was desperate, he couldn’t believe that his ship once again was falling victim of the attack of a ginormous creature. He was fearing the moment one of his men would shout “There are no more planks”, that would mean the end, all the treasure raided for nothing. Would this really be the end of his legendary life.

Then it occurred to him…  (to be continued)


Today’s movie

This movie has the same plot as the story “Romeo and Juliet”, but different time. It has music as the background during most of the movie, the music helped when there’s people fighting, dancing, or singing, but didn’t got interested when the characters are singing with the music (personal thoughts). We are about half way through the movie, I think the director or the screenwriter is very smart on making the sides of local Americans and “foreigners”, because Racial discrimination is a problem that every audiences will know that is serious.


Shawnigan Lake #2

With the small number of students, but a bigger space in Shawnigan Lake. All the Classroom is also larger, on average is about twice time the size in Westshore. Especially, the art room/maker space, in Shawnigan Lake, there is two art room, both of them is even bigger than all the art room in here. Also, in the basement of the Academic Building, there is Computer Lap, with properly “real computer”. instead of using Chrome Book. In the top of the Building is where the Library located, the size of the Libray is almost the same size as the dining hall in Westshore, and for sure more book, novel…etc then the “Resources Room” in here.