My Last DEAR Journal Entry of My Life (Hopefully)!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! Let’s end it with a pretty good book: ONCE, the 2ND book in the EVE TRILOGY. Read the Book, Not This Entry, Please

I’m soo sorry for the late DEAR Journal Entry.

Uh, well, this book is the second book in the series. You know, um…

In the first book, Eve arrives at Califia (everyone could have guessed that), located in California. FYI: The world was pretty much wrecked at the time by a nasty (not) plague. So, in the second book, she gets sent into the City of Sand (where she was avoiding the whole time in book one) because she is not clever at all. And she finds out her father is the King. Of course, she isn’t really happy, because she absolutely detests the King. Still, she becomes, obviously the Princess. And the story goes on afterwards…

In contrary to my summary, the book is actually good. So, read it.

I recommend it to any one who does not require 100% total action, with every little atom in the book dedicated to blood and gore. This book only has like, 40% action. (It’s a bit too romantic for my tastes, hmm… Sebastian would like it, right?)

I finished the book already…

Don’t bother adding the quote (READ AS: I LEFT THE BOOK IN MY LOCKER).

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The Rule of Thoughts #2 – James Dashner

Sequel to ‘The Eye of Minds’

If you liked the series ‘The Maze Runner’, then you will love this series too.

I just started this book today during the football match so I didn’t read that much. But here’s a quote from the book:

Everything he knew was a result of artificial intelligence. Manufactured data and memories. Programmed technology. A created life. There was nothing real about him, and yet now here he was, transported through the VirtNet and the Mortality Doctrine program and turned into an actual human being.

This quotation is about the protagonist, Michael, who has just awoken and found himself in somebody else’s body. Apparently, he was originally a computer program, a tangent, and his original life may have been entirely false. Kaine, another tangent, has managed to create a program where tangents can invade other people who plays on the VirtNet. Kaine had put Michael into someone else’s body. And that’s about all I know about this book.


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Dear Journal: The Guardians by John Christopher

The Guardians by John Christopher is a science fiction book based in the future where England is split into two sections, the Concurbs and the County.

The Concurbs is full of new, flashy technology and many entertainments. The people there seek security in crowds and does everything together. They help each other- strong group work here!

The County is in the countryside, everything is peaceful, slow and based in the Golden Age before WWI. The people there doesn’t have to work. Males are gentlemen and Females are ladies.

The people of the two sections despise each side. The people of the Concurbs are not allowed to cross to the County.

Rob, due to unbearable school pressure and discovering that his mother is from the County, escaped into the County. He was then taken in by a family there and created a fake identity. He then found out that there are some people who want to overthrow the government because they realized the world they live in is actually a prison. Rob then realized that the government isn’t what it seems.

Readers who like action and life stories will like this book. Readers who like a huge amount of violence and blood will find this book boring.

I like this book because the author controls the flow of tension and action so that the readers can read the book without feeling overwhelmed.

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Enchanters’ End Game #5 – David Eddings

‘Stop feeling so sorry for yourself,’ the inner voice told him finally.

‘Why did you get me into this?’ Garion demanded bitterly.

‘We’ve discussed that before.’

‘He’s going to kill me.’

‘What gives you that idea?’

‘That’s what the Prophecy said.’ Garion stopped abruptly as a thought occurred to him. ‘You said it yourself. You’re the Prophecy, aren’t you?’

‘It’s a misleading term – and I didn’t say anything about winning or losing.’

‘Isn’t it what it means?’

‘No. It means exactly what it says.’

pg 104

This extraction from the book “Enchanters’ End Game” shows Garion, the protagonist of the novel, talking to his inner voice, the Prophecy, about a battle that will be fought between him and the God of Angarak, Torak. Prophecy one states a life of peace. Prophecy two states a life of misery. Garion is trying to fulfil Prophecy one. But if he loses the battle with the God of Angarak, it will mean that Prophecy two is true. This means that all the kingdoms of the west will be under his rule.

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The Rule of Thoughts – Book two of the Mortality Doctrine

Dear Journal Entry: The Rule of Thoughts

I’ve recently been reading a book called The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner (who wrote the amazingly-disappointing Maze Runner series). This book is the sequel to The Eye of Minds the first book in the Mortality Doctrine series.

In the end of the first book, Michael discovers that he is a Tangent. Note: it’s not sine, not cosine, but tangent. Tangents, in this case, is neither a ratio nor a line with only one intersection with a circle. In this world, there is something called the VirtNet (obviously, the Virtual Net, hence its name) in which people can go into. Tangents are bits of code represented humans that technically, don’t exist in the Wake. In other words, our normal world.

All his memories were made up by an AI (another Tangent) named Kaine. Kaine even downloaded Michael into the body of someone else.

From there, things start to unfold. Right now, I’m nearly done with the book, but the action hadn’t even started yet. I must say, it’s as disappointing as the Maze Runner series. No offense to Gladers, here.

The main characters are Michael, Bryson and Sarah (his friends). Agent Weber appears every now and then, but Kaine’s omnipresence must be noted. He is everywhere, he controls everything… and all the other clichés we know of.

I recommend this book to people who liked the Maze Runner (because they are so alike, you know) and people who like books with almost no action at all. Romance fans, stray away, and there is a bit of upsetting (note: to some people. I am not included) bits featuring… People appearing brain-dead in their Coffins! It’s Coffins with a capital C, not the normal coffins. There’s some more but not too much.


Sarah started to answer him but barely got out a word before she was interrupted by a drawn-out scream coming from around the corner of the closest building. Michael looked up, an icy shiver running down his spine, just in time to see a woman run out from behind the building, clutching at her throat as if someone were trying to strangle her. She lurched forwards a few steps at a time, struggling against some unseen force. She staggered into the middle of the street, then collapsed.

The fall revealed her back, and Michael sucked in a quick breath. Little rectangles of sparkling blue light covered the area between her shoulder blades, leading all the way up to her neck and the back of her head, swarming her hair as they fluttered. He remembered all too well where he had seen such a thing before: the Black and Blue Club. KillSims. They’d eaten Ronika’s digital soul, not only devouring her code, but also permanently damaging her brain in the Wake. The same thing appeared to be happening to the lady on the street. Like burning embers, the bright blue rectangles spread over the woman’s body.

“They’re eating her.”

Chapter 14: The Horizontal Door; Part 4; Page 214 ~ 215

This bit slowly unfolds more of what Kaine is doing, and brings out his plan, bit by bit. To be honest, I actually like Kaine more than the main protagonists.

If you want to know my advice for the book, sure check out the URL.

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Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy Mcginnis

Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy Mcginnis is a science fiction book set in the future where there are only a few water sources where people have to fight over with.

This book’s main character is a girl called Lynn. Lynn and her mother has a house with a pond of water that they guard with all their life. Wisps of smoke on the horizon means only one thing, strangers. After enduring a siege on her pond and her mother’s death, Lynn decided to venture out into the woods to find out who they are.

After finding a helpless family banished from the city, Lynn and her neighbor Stebbs decided to help them start a new life here. But Lynn and Stebbs found out that there were another group, one that will take away everything they have.

Having more mouths to feed, and a hostile group near the area, could Lynn survive?

I like this book because describes what a person would do during times of unrest. I like this book also because the author described a event that can happen with great precision, a world without enough water. In parts of the world there are already continuous droughts happening.

I would recommend this book to people who like survival with some romance. I would not recommend this book to people who are too blood and gory or peaceful. This is sort of a moderate action book.

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The Man Who Planted Trees

By Jean Giono

The Man Who Planted Trees is written by Jean Giono, a French author, about a man, named Elzéard Bouffier, who planted trees.

This story inspires us a lot on what we could do to help the environment, and how a good environment could benefit us. The author also implied some other things, like the need of speaking in this story.

One man planted a whole valley of trees is definitely inspiring for us. In a mere thirty years, he was able to ‘transform a desert into this Land of Canaan’. When we read this story, we would realize that one person could change a lot of things, and do a lot of things. Unfortunately, however, this story is not true, so it’s a bit discouraging.

We are people in this planet, currently destroying it by using fossil fuels to generate electricity. In the story, the infertile land was dry and hardly anyone lived there. After a while, there are ‘more than ten thousand persons’ living in that area. This story tells us that we need to protect the planet    , by any means possible. The actions of one man can change a whole place, so why can’t we?

Another thing in the story suggests that the need of speaking might not exist. ‘He lost the habit of talking. Or maybe he just didn’t see the need for it’. This quote was the first place that suggests you don’t need to talk. Living in solitude has allowed him to see that you don’t have to speak to live, to survive. You still could plant trees without speaking.

Later in the story, ‘many useless words were spoken’ by the officials. This corresponds with the idea mentioned earlier. The author kind of implies that we are abusing our ability of speaking. Maybe there isn’t a need of speaking after all.

I edited it.

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PR: “The Man Who Planted Trees”

Elzeard Bouffier had a strong heart. Most people would break down after they have lost the only thing(s) they cared about in their entire world. In Elzeard Bouffier’s case, it was his beloved wife and daughter. Instead of staying disconsolate, he found an ‘inner piece’ in himself and started a whole new life by planting trees.

With just one man, a forest grew from a deserted desert plain, a river that had dried centuries ago reappeared, a warren of rabbits and many other wild animals returned to inhabit the ‘used-to-be’ desert. And with that all came the reappearance of civilisation. This story shows that mankind can be just as effective as God in other ways other than destruction.

Assuming that this story is true, the audience will be inspired by what Elzeard Bouffier did and may, most probably, respect him for his dedication to help the world by planting thousands of trees. Some people may follow in his footsteps and become influenced by his actions but the story will surely have an impact to the audience.

Even if the story of Elzeard Bouffier is false, it still had a deep impression in me that mankind can do anything, from death and destruction to life and revival, only if dedication and time is put into it.

This story raised two main questions:

Who are we?


What should we be doing?

So, who are we? Are we here to destroy the world or to improve it?

And that question lead to another question –  What should we be doing?

You know how your parents say like, “Study hard and get a good job when you grow up.” And all the stuff related to getting a job in the future so that you will have your own money. Everything nowadays is related to money, money, money, cash, and money again. Right? (Excluding the song “Price Tag” by Jessis J) What if everyone in the world who could afford to buy a tree, planted a tree? That would probably be like, 1,000,000,000 trees planted. And in those 1,000,000,000 trees planted, thousands of forests would sprout from the ground and grow. This will certainly help slow down global warming and maybe even prevent it from getting any worser. But will those people want to plant those trees or helping the Earth in some sort of way? Or will they want to spend it buying expensive cars and living in luxurious hotels?

In the end, I believe we should have a balance of both. It’s still all about the money, but the money needs to be spent wisely. Unless you can help somebody/something without the use of money, it’s still all about the money.

What you could do…

Earn money, save some of that money, use some of that money on your own needs and donate some money to the people, or whatever it is that need money from you. (Sometimes it isn’t literally giving money to animals or the Earth but by helping to pay for the actions needed to help the animals or the Earth. For example, pay people to plant trees for you, or do it Joseph style…)


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Personal Response of The Man Who Planted Trees

The Man Who Planted Trees is written by Jean Giono and is translated from French into English by Peter Doyle. If you have also read The Man Who Planted Trees, you would have realized that one man, can make a big difference, whether it’s a constructive and good difference or a destructive and bad difference. Although, thanks to Jeffery, he found out that according to Wikipedia, the story is a work of fiction (link:, The Man Who Planted Trees still raises a few questions for me.

First of all, as our teacher has also mentioned in class, is Elzeard Boufier’s choice to spend the rest of his life planting trees a good way of life? Well, to me, a good life would be being happy and doing your duties at the same time. Elzeard Boufier has made ‘planting trees’ his duty and personally, I think he is actually enjoying the peace and silence of living in the countryside and spending years planting trees. My answer for this question would be that planting trees may be a good life for Elzeard Boufier, but for me and probably most of you, spending your life planting trees probably isn’t the ideal ‘good life’ we have in mind.

Another question that this story has raised for me is What is our duties and what should we be doing? At the moment, I am still a student, meaning that my duty would be to learn and decide what my future duties would be. Elzeard Boufier believes that his country, at the time, was missing trees, and since he had nothing else better to do, he decided to plant trees and help improve the environment. However, did he actually have nothing else better to do? I mean, he’s not too old to start a new family, and most people his age would usually be retired. Even if Elzeard Boufier really did want to plant trees, he could have spent at least a few months trying to get other people to believe the need of trees and help him improve the environment. Why did he choose to plant trees himself? Well, I don’t know either, because I don’t think it would be fair for me to judge what someone else thinks, especially if that ‘someone else’ is a fictional character.

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The Man Who Planted Trees

Lately, our class have read a story called The Man Who Planted Trees, written by Jean Giono. This story is about a French man, Elzéard Bouffier, who has been keen on planting trees for his life and asking for no reward for his effort. It is possible that the author did met this old man, or else it would’ve been difficult for himself to write a quantity of details and descriptions.

This story makes me think of the questions ‘who we are?”. Are we able to be as keen as Elzéard Bouffier, planting trees for our entire life? Not possible. We are avoiding tiredness, while relying ourselves on technology, and which will only make us even lazier. We should be persistent like Elzéard Bouffier, “One year he had planted ten thousand maples. They all died. The next year, he gave up on maples and went back to beeches, which did even better than the oaks.” It might be true that we can change the world if we be like Elzéard Bouffier, however, can we really change ourselves?

Nowadays, we only think about what is good for us, and what benefits there are for ourselves. We scarcely consider about others, unlike Elzéard Bouffier, “He has concluded that this country was dying for lack of trees”. This story encourage us to avoid being selfish, and try to think for others as well.

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tree man is cool

The Man Who Planted Trees gave me mixed emotions.

The fact that he chose to isolate himself and plant trees for a living made me think that this man didn’t have much to live for/was not very important. I know that if most people today were to meet Elzeard Bouffier planting thousands of trees, they would most likely not take him seriously or ignore him. We would make fun of him and not put his way of thinking into consideration. I admit that I wouldn’t want to be him anyday. It is also true that people may think that the environment needs saving and he is doing more good than most people. Nowadays, the world pretty much revolves around money and the idea of leaving it all and moving into a little hut to plant trees for the rest of their lives was not heard of. Elzeard Bouffier’s story may inspire some people, but the world will most likely not change just from one man no matter how much he does.

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Personal Response to The Man Who Planted Trees

After I read The Man Who planted trees written by Jean Giono, it caused me to think about certain questions such as, what is a good life because in this story an old man named Elzeard Boufier devotes the rest of his life to planting trees is a deserted and barren area in lower France. He was very content and happy during his life and also greatly helped the environment. However I am not quite sure if I would enjoy planting trees for my life so I think that every person is different.

Another question this story makes me ask is, what are we doing to help the environment and improve everyday life. Elzeard Boufier improves the environment by planting tree everyday and this caused the barren landscape to restore to what it was before people started cutting down trees to make charcoal and paper.

Finally it made me think about if I was asked to go and plant a bunch of trees in the middle of nowhere, what would I say. I probably would not do that because it is hard work and I am kind of lazy and I would be living in solitude for long periods of time. Also if you had a family it would be hard to do this because you won’t earn any money but you would still have to take care of them by buying food and supplies. It would also be hard to get help because it is in the middle of nowhere and you would have to go long distances to get to the nearest town so you would have to do everything yourself

Thank you for reading!

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The Man Who Planted Trees

The man who  panted trees made me think about a lot of things

I think that the author met Elzeard Bouffier. I think the narrator in the story is the author. It is impossible to write a story in such detail and description unless he experienced it.

I once watched a show called ‘The Island’ where 14 men have to survive on an island for 6 weeks. Before going on the island, the men wanted to see if they could live without the everyday items we use. They have to find food, water and shelter. After a few weeks, I think the me started to appreciate the forests. It made them stop and wonder what life could be if there was vast forests like this all over the world. I think that’s what Elzeard Bouffier did, he made people wonder. He also made people appreciate the surroundings, he completed the the miracle that no man could succeed.

In the world there are good people and bad people. I wonder if people were like Elzeard Bouffier, driven and kind, would  the world would be a better place?  Would the world be a completely different place? However, are there more people like Elzeard Bouffier, who are driven to make a change?


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Personal Response of “The Man Who Planted Trees”

Recently, I have read “The Man Who Planted Trees” written by Jean Giono and translated from french to english by Peter Doyle. The story is written about a man named Elzéard Bouffier who has dedicated his life to planting trees and not ask for anything in return for his actions.

Firstly, this story has really inspired me to think about the relationship between us and the environment we live in. Nature has granted us with supplies and we just take them for granted, constantly using it and being unconcerned for the detriment we engender by doing so. However, not only are we affecting the environment, the environment is also affecting us.  Major problems such as world pollution are caused by none other than ourselves.

Considering the problems we have induced, shouldn’t people attempt to rectify this situation? It is very unlikely that anyone like Elzéard Bouffier would “throw away their life” to planting trees to help the environment, much less anyone who would to this out of plain consideration and not ask for anything in return for their efforts. “He had concluded that this country was dying for lack of trees. He added that, having nothing more important to do, he had resolved to remedy the situation.” (Quoted from “The Man Who Planted Trees”.) After considering these issues, I concluded in these main reasons for why people might not be like Elzéard Bouffier:

  1. Laziness and lack of dedication
  2. Human advancement
  3. Society
  4. “I can’t make much of a difference.”

Reason 1 is basically due to human nature, and human nature is difficult to be altered. “He had planted one hundred thousand. Of these one hundred thousand, twenty thousand had come up. He counted on losing another half of them to rodents and to everything else that is unpredictable in the designs of Province. That left ten thousand oaks that would grow in this place where before there was nothing.” Personally, I would say that Elzéard Bouffier should be seen as a role model for his dedication.

Human advancement such as technology utilizes natures resources, and most people care more for technology advancements than nature. People want technology and might not regard protecting the environment as necessary.

Following on, the society we have created gives a big impact in people’s lives. A man like Elzéard Bouffier would need to earn money for his family (before they died) and make sure his son(s)/daughter(s) get a decent education and so on. Earning money, getting a job raise, etc. would be considered way more important than taking care of the environment. Following this line of reasoning, should our society and development be considered as a fault?

Lastly, the most common reason is “I am just one person, I can’t make a difference.” If many people think this, than there wouldn’t be that much of a difference, but if everybody tried, there would be a very big difference indeed. As shown in many parts of the story, the author gives a feeling that a single person can be like God, in the fact that he can change things. If a single person was dedicated enough, they could make a very big difference all by themselves. If everyone was that dedicated, than the difference would be multiplied.

“When I consider that a single man, relying only on his own physical strength and moral resources, was able to transform a desert into this land of Canaan, I am convinced that despite everything, the human condition is truly admirable. But when I take into account the constancy, the greatness of soul, and the selfless dedication that was needed to bring about this transformation, I am filled with an immense respect for this old, uncultured peasant who knew how to bring about a work worthy of God.”

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The Man Who Planted Trees

When I finished the short story of The Man Who Planted Trees, many questions and thoughts bloomed in my mind.

A man dedicated his life into planting trees and made a barren land into a habitable lively forest. This makes me wonder:

How many more barren lands are still out there, waiting to be transformed?

What are we doing to help make the world a better place?

This man has led a peaceful life and is happy and content/satisfied for the rest of his life. This makes me wonder:

What makes our generation satisfied now days? And does these satisfactions satisfy you temporarily or forever?

The final thought that popped into my mind is:

Imagine what the world will be like if we followed the man who planted trees’ example. The world would not be endangered like it is now.

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Light #6 – Michael Grant


Genre: Sci-fi, Horror, Light Fantasy

Trapped in a dome with the evil gaiaphage on the loose, the kids of Perdido Beach have to survive another wave of terror, which may result in their deaths. But will they make it out alive?

After a meteorite crashed into the power plant at Perdido Beach, children have been developing mysterious powers. Telekinesis, flamethrower hands, control of gravity and lots more. Until one day when the gaiapahge took control of a human being and was just about to make him feed it with uranium, Little Pete, Astrid’s little brother, created a dome-like force-field and everybody over the age of 14 disappears. That’s all I’m going to say. If you’ve read the first book in the series, Gone, you’ll understand why I can’t tell you more.

Who would like this book?

– Horror, sci-fi, and fantasy readers

– People who like action-packed novels

– People who read series

Who wouldn’t like this book?

– There is some mature content in this book so yeah…

– Single book in the series type of people. The Gone series has, I think, 7 books in the series.

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Dear Journal Entry: Unwind, by Neal Shusterman

Unwind is a Science Fiction Dystopia Novel set in a world where people can legally abort their children between the ages of 13 and 18. The story’s main protagonist is a boy named Connor, who is fleeing from one such abortion. The story is written for teenagers mainly, as the character is a teenager and readers can more easily relate to the story. I would recommend this story to people who like dystopian novels. I wouldn’t recommend it to people who don’t like gross/disgusting scenes in books since there is one at the very end (Spoiler Alert).

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This book, Gone, is the first book of the Gone series. The series is written by Michael Grant. The following books are Hunger, Lies, Fear, Plague and Light.

The main characters are Sam, Astrid and Quinn. Sam and Quinn are best friends and they used to go surfing all the time before the FAYZ. (Howard calls the boundary FAYZ, it stands for Fallout Alley Youth Zone), since anyone older than fifteen has disappeared. Sam knows that he can shoot light from his hands. He hasn’t told anyone before because he is afraid that people are going to call him a freak.


Fifteen or so years ago, a small meteorite moving at high speed hit one of the domes of the nuclear plant in Perdido Beach. It drove ninety percent of the uranium fuel to the crater.

During class, while the teacher was talking about the Civil War, the teacher suddenly disappeared. There wasn’t a light or a sound, the teacher just disappeared. The people still left soon realized that only children below the age of 15 remained. In the next few days, Sam and his friends figured out that there were others with powers like Sam. There was a little girl who could shoot flames from her hands and Astrid’s little brother, little Pete could teleport people from place to place.

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DEARJE: Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Part to the Young family (Chinese Singaporean) travel to the UK where it was raining heavily and they were all exhausted. They arrive at the hotel, dripping wet, and ask the man at the the counter (Ormsby) to look for their reservation under the name ‘Eleanor Young and family”. Ormsby, knowing that they were Chinese, had refused to give them their room and pretended that he couldn’t find the name at all(racist). Then, Felicity Leong had called her husband Harry Leong and told him about their situation. This is what happened next:

“”Yes, Mrs. Leong’s husband, Harry Leong–a wonderful chap with a lethal right-arm swing, whom I met at Pebble Beach–called me up and made a marvelous offer. I can now devote all my time to bonefishing in Eleuthera without having to worry about this Gothic pile.”

Ormsby stared at the women, his mouth agape.

“Ladies, why don’t we join your adorable children at the Long Bar for a toast?” Lord Rupert said merrily.

“That would be wonderful,” Eleanor replied. “But first, Felicity, isn’t there something you wanted to tell this man?”

Felicity turned to Ormsby, now looking as if he was about to faint. “Oh yes, I almost forgot,” she began with a smile, “I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to leave the premises.””

This quote is important in the story because it shows how crazily rich this family was:

  1. They booked the Lancaster Suite.
  2. Harry Leong knew Lord Rupert from playing golf with him.
  3. They bought the entire Hotel just to get a room and some comfort for tonight, then fired the manager who was rude to them (way to go!).
  4. Lord Rupert was very polite talking to them.


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Graduation Day by Joele Charbonneau

Graduation Day by Joele Charbonneau is a third and final book of The Testing series. The setting is staged in the future where biological and nuclear warfare has left earth ravaged, radiated and toxic. The Testing was formed to select future leaders to lead what was left of humanity to reform the earth.

A hundred years has passed, The Testing produced successful leaders that made humanity thrive and prosper. However, there are people who opposed to The Testing due to the large amount of dying candidates every year, and are planning to overthrow the people who control The Testing.

Cia is one of the rebels and found out that the leader of the rebels is actually working for the Testing Officials. Now, she has to choose who to trust to make a true rebellion that will eliminate all people who are linked to the Testing.

As she ventures deeper into this operation, she found out that even the people who you owe your life to can be deadly.

This is a sci-fi book full of action, tension and betrayal. This book can keep a reader intrigued without using too much action, which is good because this won’t overwhelm the reader. At every corner there is a surprise that keeps the reader hooked. I recommend this book to readers who like surprises and unbearable tension with a touch of romance.

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Fire and Ash – Rot and Ruin Book 4

Fire and Ash

Fire and Ash is book four of the Rot & Ruin series by Jonathan Maberry, starting with Rot and Ruin, Dust and Decay, Flesh and Blood, Fire and Ash (current) and Bits and Pieces (upcoming).This series is about Benjamin Imura, and his friends going into the Rot and Ruin, blah blah blah.

This particular book, Fire and Ash, picks up the cliffhanger the previous book had left the readers dangling from. With his best friend Chong as a Half-Zee, Benjamin goes on several expeditions to retrieve and find the cure, or the mysterious Doctor McReady who is supposed to have the amazing cure. In the meantime, Saint John gathers his Night Church and tries to annihilate the entire human race. Nasty. Saint John and Benjamin meet again in Ben’s hometown, Mountainside, where they fight. Saint John’s army loses, but Ben’s hometown is in worse condition than the enemy. The book suggests a nice ending, but who knows what’s going to happen in the next book.

The main characters (protagonists) in this book all have similar personalities, a wild, just and selfless personality. Of course, this causes the characters to become bland and boring.

I recommend this series to people who don’t care about a bit of blood and gore (not too much in the series, but exists). Or else, this book is pretty nice.

Here’s an interesting quote:

‘But… that’s what I wanted too,’ said Saint John. Tears carved lines through the soot on his face. ‘An end to all suffering and misery. It’s what god wants. It’s all I’ve ever wanted… for the pain to end.’

Benny sighed. ‘I know.’

Saint John sank slowly to his knees. But as he did so he looked up at Benny, and for just a moment there was a smile on his face. In that instant something passed between them. Benny felt it, though he could never really define it. It was some message, some shared awareness. And as that message was shared, Benny felt the great boiling hatred in his chest burn down to a cinder and then wink out. And he realized that he no longer even hated this man. All there was left inside him was pity.

‘I hope you find peace in the darkness,’ said Benny.

Saint John nodded.

He closed his eyes.

And drove the knife to the hilt into his own heart.


This quote suggests that the antagonists can be good again. Or maybe it just blurs the lines between the good guys and the bad guys, plunging the reader into deep thought. If the story was focused more on Saint John, would we think Saint John is the good guy?


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Unwind by Neal Shusterman

     Then Lev realizes something. HE realizes that he can use this entire situation to his advantage. “My name is Lev,” he says, trying to play it cool as he can.

     “Pleased to meet you, Lev,” says the girl. “I’m Risa, and this is Conner.”

      Conner throws her a dirty look, making it clear that she gave them their real names. Not a good idea for hostage-takers, but then most criminals are stupid like that.

Teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 are expected to be “unwound”, that is to have the child’s organs transplanted into different donors, due to The Second Cilvil War fighting over reproductive rights. Connor is 17 years old and too hard for his parents to keep under control, he was planning to run away with his “girlfriend”, Ariana, but she refused because it was too dangerous. So he runs away. Risa, a ward of the state, is being unwound simply because she failed one of the most the one and only chance to keep her alive, her piano performance. So she runs away. Lev, 13, has his “bar mitzvah” to celebrate his death when his drunk older brother, Mark, exposes his secret of being unwound. So he runs away. 3 confused teenagers run for their lives until they meet each other, finding any possible ways for survival.

In this quote, the three of them meet after one saves another in a highway accident. They meet for the first time in the forest after Connor tranquilizes a police officer. However they don’t seem to trust one another.

This book started off by introducing the 3 protagonists, telling their story, their reasons for being “unwound”. I find this quote a relief, because after reading the first 3 introduction, i felt confused and wondered how they would link together, especially during the highway accident, the author didn’t expose the 3 main characters which is very efficient to produce curiosity. That quote shows a clear link of how the 3 protagonists run the story.


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Cinder is the first book of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer.

The story sets in New Beijing, 126 years after WWIV. Cinder is a cyborg. She’s a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. Prince Kaito is the Prince of Eastern Commonwealth. He meets Cinder when taking his personal android to be repaired, and slowly develops feelings for her. Iko is Cinder’s android partner and one of her only friends. Iko sometimes forgets that she’s not human due to her malfunctioning personality chip.


Cinder jerked, her head smacking the underside of the table. She shoved back from the desk, her scowl landing first on a lifeless android that sat squat on her worktable and then on the man behind it. She was met with startled copper- brown eyes and black hair that hung past his ears and lips that every girl in the country had admired a thousand times.

Page 6


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The Death Cure

The Death Cure the third book of The Maze Runner series. Just like the first book, and the second book, The Death Cure is written by James Dashner. James Dashner also wrote The Eye of Minds and The Rule of Thoughts, although that’s not important, at least not in this post.


Most of the characters, like Thomas, were introduced either in The Maze Runner or in The Scorch Trials. However, the Rat Man’s name is only revealed in this book, Janson something.

As for Teresa, the traitor, she tries to earn her trust back from Thomas after what had happened in The Scorch. Near the end of the book, she sacrificed her life to safe Thomas from the falling ceiling, due to some explosions.


Basically, Thomas and the Gladers, along with Group B were brought out of The Scorch to the WICKED Headquarters. When they arrive, WICKED starts Phase Three of the Trials, which, for Thomas, is to be locked in a white room for roughly three weeks. After Phase Three, all of the subjects are gathered and the Rat Man offers the subjects a choice: They could choose to get their memories back, or live their rest of their lives without their memories before the Trials. Everyone, well except for Thomas, Minho and Newt chose to get their memories back. The three rebels, as Janson calls it, are locked up in a room for the night. The next day, Janson, being a untrustworthy guy, takes back the offer and forces the ‘Rebels’ to go through the operation and get their old memories back………. find out the rest by reading the book yourself.


I would recommend this book to anyone who read the first two books of the series…


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Lies – Michael Grant

This is the third book in the Gone series written by Michael grant, the first two being Gone and Hunger. The story is not told by a particular person but mostly by Samuel Temple and Caine Soren. Sam is the main protagonist of the story and Caine is the antagonist. The setting is a small beach town called Perdido Beach in California. In the first book all the adults and kids over the age of fifteen suddenly disappear into thin air! They eventually figure out that they are surrounded by a impenetrable dome. Some of the kids have developed powers such as shooting pure light out of their hands and being able to teleport anywhere they want to! Caine tries to take over perdido beach along with all the other kids who go to the Coates academy for naughty kids but Sam and the Perdido Beach kids fight back. In Lies all the normals (people without powers) try to get rid of the freaks (people with powers). That is all I will tell you about the books.

“I’m killing Zil. Clear enough? I’m putting him down.”

“Whoa, man,” Edilio said. “That’s not what we do. We’re the good guys, right?”

“There has to be and to it, Edilio.” He wiped soot from his face with the back of his hand , but smoke had filled his eyes with tears. “I can’t keep doing it and never reaching the end.”

In this quote Sam is very mad because the Human crew (under the influence of Caine) set fire to many houses in Perdido beach and Sam is going to try and kill Zil Sperry, the leader of the Human Crew but Edilio does not think this is a good idea.I would recommend this book to people who like action and paranormal novels but don’t mind some romance and I have really enjoyed this book so far.

Thank you for reading!

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I’ve read the first two books of the Divergent trilogy, and thought that it would be nice if I read the third book, Allegiant. However…it didn’t really end well…

Allegiant is a dystopian science-fiction novel by Veronica Roth, and as you know, it is the third book of the Divergent trilogy. What’s special about this book is that it is written from the perspective of both Beatrice (Tris) and Tobias (Four), unlike the past two books.

What if your whole world was a lie?

What if a single revelation—like a single choice—changed everything?

What if love and loyalty made you do things you never expected?

I recommend this trilogy to anyone who enjoys dystopian, and of course, romance novels. However, I only liked the first two books though. I personally didn’t really like this one, since one of the main character died, and it all ended so sadly :(  Not recommended for people who likes happy endings, and yes, this book will make you unsatisfied.

I liked the storyline of this book, however, not the ending. But I still recommend reading it, since the story is action packed , and full of adventure.


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DEARJE: Crazy Rich Asians

I’ll type it up tmr.

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Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell


Did she miss him?

She wanted to lose herself in him. To tie his arms around her like a tourniquet.

If she showed him how much she needed him, he’d run away.” Pg. 160, Chapter 26

Having trouble dealing with problems at home, Eleanor goes to school for the first time after she was kicked out by her stepdad. Eleanor and Park shares a magical love story of what it’s like to be in love with each other, however outside their love circle, numerous obstacles have been standing in their way. Whether if it’s Eleanor’s so called “family” problems that is stopping her from seeing Park after school, or Park’s love history with Eleanor’s arch enemy Tina, or Park’s mom’s hatred for Eleanor because of her looks and her emotional hormones, or Park’s suspension for standing up to Stan because he insulted Eleanor. However the two star-crossed lovers seem to have gone through all of these obstacles together because of love. But what Eleanor haven’t told Park yet was that she lied to her mom and her stepdad about him, telling her parents she was hanging out with “Tina” this whole time instead of Park.

I chose this quote because it shows the power of Eleanor’s love for Park, he is the one and only reason she’s ignoring all of the frustrating obstacles in her life. Doubting Park’s love for her, Eleanor loved him no matter what, but her love may be too strong for Park to handle.


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The Rise of Nine #3 – Pittacus Lore

Genre: Sci-Fi, Light Fantasy

This book, like the previous in the series, is packed with action in every page. Another genre for this book should be “Addictive”.

They know the charm is broken.

They know we’re vulnerable alone.

They are determined to find us before

We find each other.

We must come together.

We cannot fail.

We are Lorien and Earth’s only hope, and

We are prepared to sacrifice everything.

Power in numbers will save us all…

Six, Seven, Ten(Ella) and her Cepan are on their way to India to find another member of the Garde, or maybe not. It may be a trap, it may not be. While thats happening, Four recuperates from his terrible encounter with the forcefield’s effects with his Chimaera and the newly found Garde member, Nine. Four is desperate to recover quickly, he left his best and only friend, Sam Goode, back with the Mogodarians. And he knows that they have no sympathy to humans. It is also rumoured that the ruler of the Mogodarians, Setrakus Ra, has arrived on Earth. What will this lead to?

This book is mainly sci-fi, but it also includes lots of magic related content. It is packed with action so any sci-fi, light fantasy action readers will enjoy this book. Romance readers may also enjoy this book because there is a little bit of kissing and stuff like that in this book.

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The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau

The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau is a science fiction book where the setting is in a future world where the Seven Stages War made earth poisonous. What’s left of humanity is struggling to renovate the earth back to normal. The Testing was formed. The Testing is a process where a group of higher-than average students are chosen to go through four stages of testing to see if they are fit for the University, the only college education and rewarding career lies. The only downside is that your memory will be wiped of your Testing experience.

Cia Vale is chosen for the testing, but unlike the other students, who are excited, she is nervous. Her father went through the testing too, and shared his terrifying dreams about the testing to Cia. Cia’s father said only one sentence to Cia as she is leaving: “Trust no one.” Are the dreams of her father just dreams, or memory?

As she progresses through The Testing, she realizes that this isn’t just about writing on papers and showing off skills. This is about survival.

I recommend this book to people who like tension, betrayal and action with a slight touch of romance. I do not recommend this book to people who like slow and peaceful stories.

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